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   Ryan Chien 
   for Teasurer

   Dilay Akcora 
   for Teasurer

The ASB Cabinet at Santa Monica High School is comprised of about 50 students, both elected and appointed. The core group consists of nine students who are the Executive Board of the Associate of Student Body representatives, holding positions to which they were elected in the Spring of the previous school year.

What ASB/Leadership Does

The Associated Student Body Leadership is an organization whose purpose is to:
(a) provide a formal means of communication between students, organizations, district, faculty, staff, and administration,
(b) advocate for students,
(c) provide for student representation on campus and community committees,
(d) provide opportunities for the development of the social and cultural interests of students,
(e) develop leadership and responsibility, and
(f) promote school spirit and student morale.


ASB meets every day during Period 4 in Room SG14. ASB Cabinet's official meetings are Tuesdays during period 4 in Room SG14. The ASB Cabinet members wear business-attire on meeting days.

ASB Code of Conduct

The students in ASB have formulated their own Code of Conduct for ASB.
Click here to read it. (PDF)

Activities Director

The Activities Director is Bryn Boyd ( Contact her for more information.

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