Driving Directions
Santa Monica High School
601 Pico Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Directions:  Get on the I-10 going west.  Take the 4th Street Exit.  Turn left onto 4th Street.  Immediately turn left (as if you are getting back on the I-10), however, veer right-do not get back on the I-10.  You will be on Olympic Boulevard, which goes right by Santa Monica High School.  On your right side of the car you will pass the baseball field, tennis courts and parking lot.  Turn right into the alley (between parking lot & gas station) and again into the parking lot.  Security will direct you to the guest parking.  If you pass Lincoln Boulevard (the next stop light) you have gone too far.

City of Santa Monica
Close-up Area Map
Santa Monica High School


Santa Monica High School Campus Map

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Created  March 15, 2003