The Male Violence Prevention Project


Who is the Male Violence Prevention Project?
The Male Violence Prevention Project (MVPP) is a consortium of Santa Monica based organizations, all of whom acknowledge that social norms around masculinity are at the root of many of the societal ills that we address at our respective agencies, including child abuse, gang violence, domestic /dating violence and community violence.

What does the MVPP do?
We facilitate interactive discussions with adult community leaders who have influence in the lives of others, especially youth. These discussions aim to challenge traditional views of masculinity, stimulate critical thinking about how social norms around masculinity are created, and to elicit a personal commitment to action toward changing those norms in participants' respective spheres of influence.

What has the MVPP accomplished?
MVPP has brought this message to over 300 individuals directly, reaching people in 5 zip codes in Santa Monica, and in the ripples created by these critical dialogues, reached an additional 256 people in 20 zip codes outside of Santa Monica in other parts of Los Angeles County. This past spring, SAMOHI hosted 3 MVPP discussion groups, with a total of 40 participants, all of whom were coaches and faculty.

Special Thanks
We wish to thank Principal Laurel Fretz, H House Student Outreach Specialist Kimberly Nao, M House Principal Larry Boone, and Athletic Director Daniel Escalera for the participation of the coaches and faculty. Without their generous support and tremendous leadership, the progress we've made so far would not have been possible. Their efforts will undoubtedly make SAMOHI a safer place to teach, learn and grow.

What's next for the MVPP?
We look forward to continuing our partnership with SAMOHI, and are in the process of planning more discussions and creating a sustainability plan for the future. We plan to spread this message of healthy masculinity and nonviolence even further to all of the faculty and staff at SAMOHI, so that they may serve as role models to students and student athletes who will go forth and be agents of change in our community. Together we can shift the cultural norms that lead to violence, and realize our vision of a peaceful Santa Monica.

For more information, or if you have any questions please contact the MVPP at 310.264.6646 x315 or