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Samohi Staff Directory 2015-16

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Acker, Nathaniel Munoz 71284 H204 Social Studies O
Aiello, Jason
71401 M200 Music/Department Chair S
Alvarado, Robert
Social Studies
71131 E101 Social Studies H
Asiaban, Negar 71132 E109 H House Advisor (9 & 11) H
Attendance Office 71546 AD100

Audio Visual/RWS 71189 H123 Audio Visual/Running With Speakers

Ballaret, Tim 71532
AD103B Athletic Director S
Barraza, Kate
71239 HC Acting/Freshman Seminar H
Barraza, Pete 71275
B205 English M
Barron, Jesse 71121 S101 Language H
Bart-Bell, Dana
71462 L210 Librarian H
Battung, Jason 71435 SG15 PE O
Bautista-Nicholas, Claudia
71305 I305 Language (Spanish)
Immersion/Dept. Chair
Baxter, Catherine 71513 AD503 Dean of Facilities
Bisson, Amy
AP Government & U.S. History
71150 L100 Social Studies/Dept. Chair S
Black, Mark 71220 S200/Gym Science/Athletics (Wrestling) O
Bolan, Anette 71586 BH20 Theater Operations Assistant
Bouse, Amy
71443 A103 Art I
Boyd, Bryn 71535 AD103E/SG14 Social Studies/Activities Director O
Bravo, Lissette 71554 H106 House Principal M
Burdick, Bart 71670
Gardener/Athletics (Golf)
Burrell, Catherine 71420
Camerino, Zaneta 71134
E109 H House Advisor (10/12) H
Ceccarelli, Alan 71582
CTE-ROP/Technical Theater,
FUD/Barnum Hall Stage
Casillas, Veronica 71573 B101 Outreach Specialist S
Center-Brooks, Cheryl 71567 E10 Visual Impairment M
Chacon, Martha
Science & AVID
71223 I223 Science I
Chapman, Amy
71154 L104 English/Yearbook S
Chapman, Jimmy
71295 H215 Language/Spanish, Girls Soccer Coach O
Cherry, Robert 71155 L105 Special Education/History H
Chew, Jenny 71186 H106 House Assistant M
Cierra, Jorge 71130 E100 Special Education O
Cohn, Jeff 71569 E10 Visual Impairment I
College Center 71175 B115
Contreras, Luis 71182 H102 Math/ELD M
Cox, Dan 71105 I105 CTE-ROP/Automotive Technology M
Cox, Shannon
Social Studies
71257 L207 Social Studies S
Cruce, Marae
71304 I304 Math/ Math Dept. Chair I
Cuda, Conrad 71211 I211 Social Studies I
Dao, Thong 71777 I103 IT Support Tech
de la Cruz, Gilda 71201 I201 English/AVID Dept. Chair I
DeMirjian, Lisa 71267 L200 S House Advisor (10/12) S
Denis, Randy 71207 I207 English/Social Studies I
Dew, Stephanie 71259 L209 English O
Donaldson, Adee 71411 NG101 Athletic Trainer
Drake, Loren 71113 I113 Science H
Duron, Rob 71430 S. Gym PE I
Escalera, Daniel
US History
World History
71209 I209 Social Studies, O House Teacher Leader O
Faas, Kathleen
71202 I202 English/Journalism I
Fargnoli, Kathy 71579
BH20 Barnum Hall
Fazio, Christopher 71285 H205 Special Education O
Fischer, Tania
Cross Country
71441 A101/Track Art-Ceramics/Athletics (Track & Cross Country) O
Flanders, Matt
Aquatics Website
History Class Website
71152 L102/Pool Social Studies/Athletics (Water Polo & Swimming) S
Flores, Ernesto 71475 B115 College Counselor (A-G)
Forrer, Brooke 71311 I311 Language M
Fulcher, Nathan 71203 I203 English/Social Studies I
Gaida, Ingo 71107 I107 Science H
Galvan, Hugo 71212 I211A Lab Technician
Garcia-Hecht, Veronica 71120 S100 Language S
Garrido, Jessica 71227 I208C I House Advisor (10/12) I
Gasparino, Jenna 71253 L203 English H
Gibson, Jerry 71577 BH20 Facility Use Manager
Gilbert, Eileen 71289 H209 O House Assistant O
Golden, Amy 71268 L200 Advisor S
Gonsalves, Diane 71293 H213 English/Special Education S
Gonzalez, Alicia 71230 E200 Math H
Gonzalez, Angelica 71530 AD500 Assistant to Catherine Baxter
Gonzalez, H. David 71276 B206 Special Education S
Gonzalez, Marciela 71292 H209C O House Advisor (9/11) O
Gonzalez, Noemi 71204 i204 English I
Goodwin, Sheri 71500 AD400 Principal's Assistant
Gottlieb, David 71298 H218 Language O
Grant, Sandy 71465 Library Librarian H
Graves, Gizelle 71167 L117A Infant/Toddler Center
Green, Nicole 71425 S. Gym Dance H
Gromala, Annette 71243 E213 English M
Gutierrez, Laurie Ann 71448 A013 Ceramics/ Art Dept. Chair H
Hafft, Ianna
71313 I313 Science S
Harding, Raja Language - French
Harrison, Rebel 71474 B122 CTE-ROP Department Chair
Hecht, James 71173 B10/Gym Math/Athletics (Boys Basketball) M
Henderson, Luke
71301 I301 Language (Latin) I
Hinojosa-Riusech, Judith 71552 H106 M House Advisor (9/11) M
Hobkirk, Carl 71199 H119 Social Studies M
Hoffman, Ryan
71306 I306 Math I
Holsome, Dorothy 71566 Vikes' Café ROP
Honda, Julie 71477 B115 College Counselor (H-N) I
Howard, Robert 71516 AD506 Restorative Justice Coordinator
Huls, Jeffe
71404 M100 Performing Arts - Choir I
Iniguez, Wilma 71527 AD500 Records Assistant (H-Z)
ITC/Teen Parenting 71165 L115

Jiménez, Jaime 71294 H214 Social Studies O
Johnson, Breanna
71217 I217 Science H
Jones, Dave 71445 A105 Art M
Kariya, Emily
Japanese & AVID
71255 L205 Language/Social Studies, H House Teacher Leader H
Karyadi, Adrienne
Freshman Seminar
World History
71281 H201 Social Studies O
Kay, Benjamin
Marine Biology
71515 I215 Science I
Keiley, Harry 71517 AD507 Athletics - Student Support
Keith, Kelly 71102 I102 Special Education M
Keller, Jeff 71572 B101 M House Outreach Specialist M
Kemp, Anita 71172 B102 CTE-ROP/Marketing/Small Business H
Khem, Chamnauch 71303 I303 Language (Latin), AVID I
Kim, Douglas
World History
71147 E117 Social Studies H
Kingsley-Scott, Janis 71541 AD201 Psychologist S
Komlos, Tristan 71136 E109C House Principal H
Lambert, Ramsey 71192 H122 Social Studies/Football Coach O
Ledford, Martin 71446 A012 CTE-ROP - Photography S
Lee, Chon
71191 H121 English M
Lee, Emily 71161 L111 Math S
Library 71460 L210

Lipetz, Sarah
AP Chemistry
HP Chemistry
P Chemistry
71221 I221 Science/Dept. Chair S
Logan, Tracee 71571 B101 Outreach Specialist H
López, Gilbert 71151 L101 Math S
Louria, Meredith
11AP English
11 English
71153 L103 English/S House Teacher Leader S
Luong, Theresa

71280 H200 Math O
Macwan, Vijaya 71317 I317 Science - Chemistry O
Manzur, Juan 71116 I103 IT Support Tech
Marken, Ari 71180 H100 Math M
Markussen, Julie 71229 T211 House Principal I
Martin, Elena 71139 E109 House Assistant H
McElvain, Nora 71507 AD203 Nurse S
McKellar, Leigh Anne 71307 I307 Language H
McKeown, Kevin
71406 M102 Music I
Meadors, Amy 71315 I315 Science I
Medrano, Hector 71269 L200 House Principal S
Mejia, Rosa 71479 B115C College Counselor (O-Z) H
Mendoza, Dina 71546 AD100 Enrollment
Mickelopoulos, George
Morales, Diana 0 AD400 Switchboard
Morris, Terry 71250 L200 House Assistant S
Myers, Jared 71178 B120 Math I
Murphy, Tony 71210 S202 Science S
Nava, Claudia 71573 B101 Outreach Specialist I
Nesbitt, Cheryl
Japanese 1
Japanese 2
Japanese 3
71254 L204 Japanese M
Nicolas, Jenny 71505 AD300 Vikes Inn/ASB Financial Assistant
O'Brien, Diane 71529 AD500 Student Records
Okla, Kelly John 71290 H210 Math O
Ovadya, Stacey 71541 AD202 School Psychologist I
Pantallion, Ayanna 71319 I319 Science M
Parker, Trevor
71159 L109 Math S
Parsons, Tyler 71181 H101 Science M
Part, Brian 71583 BH19 Sports Facility Coordinator
Phelan, James 71277 B207 Special Ed/Social Studies H
Pitts, Gregory 71181 H101 Special Education/Co-Dept. Chair I
Poon, Wilston 71415 Tennis Athletics (Tennis)
Price, Lohren 71467 L210 Library Assistant
Print Shop 71557 E10

Pulido, Maribel 71551 H106 M House Advisor (10/12) M
Pust, Jennifer
11AP Language
71270 B200 English/English Dept. Chair O
Radford, Karen 71506 AD406 Office Assistant
Radford, Lance 71247 E217 Mathematics H
Ramos, Irene 71433 S. Gym PE M
Reed, Lu Ann 71510 Nurse's Off. LVN S
Reichle, Tisha
English 9P
Women's Literature
71163 L113 English/ELD/Social Studies S
Reyes, Katrina
71213 I213 ELD/Science M
Riedmiller, Jill 71198 H118 on leave O
Roberts Art Gallery 71564 H113

R.O.P./CTE 71474 B122 310-395-9493
Ruetschle, Valita 71122 S102 Special Ed M
Rupprecht, Steve 71288 H208 Math O
Russell, Arthur 71274 B206 Math S
Saenz, Debbie 71194 E103 Special Ed H
Sakow, Terry 71407 M102 Performing Arts M
Salumbides, Rose Ann 71272 B202 Social Studies M
Santa Cruz, Maria (Conny) 71176 B106 CTE-ROP/Small Business/Vike's Inn
Sass, Amanda 71197 H127 Special Education H
Sato, Liane
Health & PE
71437 Gym/SG14 PE/Science/Athletics (Volleyball) S
Saunders, Shawn 71442 A102 CTE-ROP/Art - Digital Design S
Savage, Stephanie 71175 B115 College Center Assistant
Schwartz, Marla 71283 H203 English O
Security Office 71533 AD103C

Security (Weekends) 71650

Shafley, Mariam 71114/71472 B102 CTE-ROP/Marketing/Small Business I
Shore, Andrea
71158 L108 English S
Sigler, Jessica 71157 L107 Special Education M
Silvestri, Marisa 71205 I205 Social Studies, G. Basketball I
Simone, Laura 71291 H209 O House Advisor (10/12) O
Sinfield, Paul 71277/71590 S100 English/SPED S
Skaggs, Debbie 71438 Gym PE/PE Dept. Chair H
Song, Kate 71111 I111 Science I
Springer, Caroline 71504 AD400 Principal's Assistant
Staroschak, Christina
71109 I109 Science M
Stevens, Maria
9 Honors English
11P English
11AP English
71296 H216 English O
Strahn, Yvonne 71536 AD103F Athletics Assistant
Strnad, Jan 71584 BH20 Facility Permits Supervisor
Swenson, Joni
71405 M101 Performing Arts O
Textbook Office 71550 AD12

Thrower, Lois 71550 AD12 Textbooks
Thun, Charles
AP Psychology
71164 L114 Social Studies S
Topp, Courtney 71124 S104 Special Education O
Toppel, Diane 71276 B206 English/Special Education H
Torres, Guadalupe 71231 E201 Math H
Toumayan, Guadalupe 71309 I309 Language (Spanish) I
Transcripts/Records 71526 AD500

Trundle, Al 71169 L108A Advisor (10/12) S
Upton, Carey 71585 BH20 Director of Theater Operations and Facility Permits
Ustation, Tina 71196 H116 English/Special Education M
Valencia, Yunuen 71226 I208D I House Advisor (10/12) I
Veral, Ramón 71308 I308 Math/ELD I
Vikes' Cafe 71566 C126 CTE-ROP/Kemp

Vikes' Inn Student Store 71505 AD300 CTE-ROP/Santa Cruz

Visually Impaired 71556 E10

Walker, Megan 71190 H120 English M
Washington, Chaneé 71208 I208 House Assistant I
Webb, Kitaro
71137 E107 English H
Wethern, Heather
71251 L201 Language S
Whaley, Tom 70287 M102 Performing Arts
Wishart, Bill 71189 H123 CTE-ROP/Art/FUD
Yaghoubian, Rebecca 71115 i115 Science M
Young, Cerenity 71285 H205 Special Education H
Yumori, Nicole
71160 L110 Math S
Zurbano, Regina 71299 H209 House Principal O

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