Samohi Phone: 310-395-3204

Room #
Acker, Nathaniel Munoz 71284 H204 Social Studies O
Aiello, Jason 71401 M101 Music/Department Chair S
Alvarado, Robert 71131 E101 Social Studies H
Athletics/Activities Office 71544 AD202
Attendance Office 71546 AD100

Audio Visual/RWS 71189 H123 Audio Visual/Running With Speakers
Auto Shop 71119 T10 ROP I
Barnum Hall 71585 / 71582 / 71586

Bart-Bell, Dana 71462 L210 Librarian H
Bates, Kelly
Spanish 2 & 3
71247 E217 Language/Dept. Chair H
Battung, Jason 71435 SG15 PE O
Baum-Merino, Rena 71134 E109 H House Advisor (10/12) H
Bautista-Nicholas, Claudia 71113 T113 Language
Immersion/Dept. Chair
Baxter, Catherine 71513 AD503 Dean of Facilities
Bayles, Melissa 71285 H205 SAI I
Bisson, Amy
US History
71150 L100 Social Studies/Dept. Chair S
Black, Mark 71107 T107/Gym Science/PE/Athletics (Wrestling)
Bolan, Anette 71586 BH20 Theater Operations Assistant O
Bouse, Amy 71443 A103 Art I
Boyd, Bryn 71535 AD202/T103 Social Studies/ASB Advisor O
Burdick, Bart 71670
Gardener/Athletics (Golf)
Burrell, Catherine 71420
Cannon, Kermit 71432 S. Gym
Casillas, Veronica 71573 B101 Outreach Specialist S
Center-Brooks, Cheryl 71567 E10 Visual Impairment M
Chacon, Martha 71202 T202 Science I
Chapman, Amy 71154 L104 English/Yearbook S
Chapman, Jimmy 71295 H215 Language/Spanish, Girls Soccer Coach O
Chew, Jenny 71186 H106 House Assistant M
Christoff, Anne 71178 B120 Math-SAI S
Cierra, Jorge 71130 E100 Special Education, Department Chair O
Clark, Travis 71412 Football Athletic - Football
Cohn, Jeff 71569 E10 Visual Impairment I
College Center 71175 B115
Coleman, Marvin 71161 L111 Math O
Collins, Katherine 71278 B208 English M
Contreras, Luis 71182 H102 Math/ELD M
Cox, Shannon 71257 L207 Social Studies S
Cruce, Marae 71207 T207 Math/ Math Dept. Chair I
Cuda, Conrad 71209 T209 Social Studies I
Cuda, Heather 71297 H217 Math O
Cuda, Zachary 71199 H119 Social Studies M
Culpepper, Florence 71226 T211 I House Principal I
de la Cruz, Gilda 71212 T212 English/AVID Dept. Chair I
DeMirjian, Lisa 71267 L200 S House Advisor (10/12) S
Denis, Randy 71203 T203 English/Social Studies I
Dew, Stephanie 71259 L209 English O
Drake, Loren 71220 S200 Science/Athletics, Baseball H
Dunn, Pat 71170 B100 Math H
Duron, Rob 71430 S. Gym PE I
Escalera, Daniel
US History
World History
71215 T215 Social Studies I
Faas, Kathleen 71217 T217 English/Journalism I
Fairchild, Lauren 71158 L108 English S
Fargnoli, Kathy 71544 AD200 Athletic/Activities Assistant
Fischer, Tania
Cross Country
71441 A101/Track Art/Athletics (Track & Cross Country) O
Flanders, Matt
Aquatics Website
History Class Website
71152 L102/Pool Social Studies/Athletics (Water Polo & Swimming) S
Flores, Ernesto 71475 B115 College Counselor (A-G) S
Forrer, Brooke 71109 T109 Lang./ASB/Activities Director M
Frazier, Jeff 71579 BH19 Plant Manager
Fulcher, Nathan 71208 T208 English/Social Studies I
Gaida, Ingo 71224 S204 Science H
Gaidzik, Bill 71410 T110A Tech Support
Galvan, Hugo 71574 T202P Lab Technician
Garcia-Hecht, Veronica 71112 T112 Language S
Garrido, Jessica 71253 T211B I House Advisor (9/11) I
Gasparino, Jenna 71253 L203 English H
Gilbert, Eileen 71289 H209 O House Assistant O
Gomez, Tony 71181 H101 Special Education M
Gonsalves, Diane 71293 H213 Special Education S
Gonzales, Maricela 71292 H209 O House Advisor (9/11) O
Gonzalez, Alicia 71230 E200 Mathematics H
Gonzalez, Angelica 71530 AD500 Assistant to Catherine Baxter
Goodwin, Sheri 71500 AD400 Principal's Assistant
Gottlieb, David 71298 H218 Language O
Grant, Sandy 71465 Library Librarian H
Graves, Gizelle 71167 L117A Infant/Toddler Center
Gromala, Annette 71183 H103 English M
Gutierrez, Laurie Ann 71448 A013 Ceramics/ Art Dept. Chair H
Hafft, Ianna 71124 S104 Science S
Harrison, Rebel 71474 B122 ROP Department Chair
Hecht, James 71173 B10/Gym Math/Athletics (Boys Basketball) M
Henderson, Luke 71201 T201 Language I
Hernandez, Yesenia 0 AD400 Switchboard
Hinojosa-Riusech, Judith 71552 H106 M House Advisor (9/11) M
Hobkirk, Carl 71192 H122 Social Studies M
Hodges, Nate 71425 S. Gym Performing Arts-Dance/ROP H
Hoffman, Ryan 71276 B206 Math I
Holsome, Dorothy 71566 Vikes' Café ROP
Honda, Julie 71477 B115 College Counselor (H-N) I
Hongo, Yoriko 71254 L204
Huls, Jeffe 71404 M100 Choir/Performing ArtsDepartment Chair I
Iniguez, Wilma 71527 AD500 Records Assistant (H-Z)
ITC/Teen Parenting 71167 L117A

Jiménez, Jaime 71294 H214 Social Studies O
Jones, Dave 71445 A105 Art M
Jones, Teri 71176 B106 ROP/Marketing/Small Business H
Kariya, Emily 71255 L205 Language/Social Studies M
Karyadi, Adrienne
Freshman Seminar
World History
71282 H201 Social Studies O
Kay, Benjamin 71127 S107 Science I
Kay, David 71119 T10 ROP/Automotive Technology I
Keiley, Harry 71517 AD507 Athletics - Student Support
Keith, Kelly 71102 T102 Special Education M
Keller, Jeff 71572 B101 M House Outreach Specialist M
Kemp, Anita 71172 B102 ROP/Marketing/Small Business H
Khem, Chamnauch 71106 T201 Latin I
Kim, Douglas 71100 T100 Social Studies H
Kingsley-Scott, Janis 71543 AD103B Psychologist S
Ledford, Martin 71446 A012 ROP Photography S
Lee, Chon 71191 H121 English M
Library 71460 L210

Lipetz, Sarah
AP Chemistry
HP Chemistry
P Chemistry
71123 S103 Science S
Lockett, Graham
AP Environmental Science
Chemistry HP
Chemistry P
71223 S203 Science H
López, Gilbert 71151 L101 Math S
Louria, Meredith
11AP English
11 English
Freshman Seminar
71153 L103 English/S House Teacher Leader S
Luong, Theresa 71280 H200 Math O
Macwan, Vijaya 71204 T204 Science O
Malowe, Pam 71471 B122/H111 ROP Counselor H
Marken, Ari 71180 H100 Math M
Martin, Elena 71139 E109 House Assistant H
Mayoral, Eva 71504 AD401 School Principal
McCrum, David 71582 B Hall Stage Technical Theater Coordinator/ROP
McElvain, Nora 71507 AD203 Nurse S
McKellar, Leigh Anne 71108 T108 Language H
McKeown, Kevin 71406 M102 Music I
Meadors, Amy 71122 S102 Science I
Medrano, Hector 71269 L200 House Principal S
Mejia, Rosa 71479 B115C College Counselor (O-Z) H
Mendoza, Dina 71546 AD100 Enrollment
Miles, Elias 71554 H106 House Principal M
Mireles, Guadalupe 71111 T111 Spanish I
Mogilefsky, Angie
AP English - 11
CP English - 9
Honors English - 9
71219 T219 English I
Morales, Diana 0 AD200 Switchboard
Morris, Terry 71250 L200 House Assistant S
Muro, Christian 71147 E117 English H
Murphy, Tony 71221 S201 Science S
Nao, Kimberly 71571 B101 H House Student Outreach Specialist H
Nava, Claudia 71573 B101 Outreach Specialist I
Navarro, Cam-An 71132 E109A H House Advisor/Dept. Chair H
Nicolas, Jenny 71505 AD300 Vikes Inn/ASB Financial Assistant
O'Brien, Diane 71529 AD500 Student Records
Okla, Kelly John 71290 H210 Math O
Orloff, Warren 71198 H118
Ovadya, Stacey 71541 AD202 School Psychologist I
Pantallion, Ayanna 71227 S207 Science M
Parker, Trevor 71159 L109 Special Education S
Part Brian 71583 BH19 Sports Facility Coordinator
Pitts, Gregory 71181 T107 Special Education I
Poon, Wilston 71415 Tennis Athletics (Tennis)
Price, Lohren 71467 L210 Library Assistant
Print Shop 71557 E10

Pulido, Maribel 71551 H106 M House Advisor (10/12) M
Pust, Jennifer
11AP Language
71270 B200 English/English Dept. Chair O
Radford, Karen 71506 AD406 Office Assistant
Ramos, Irene 71433 S. Gym PE M
Reed, Lu Ann 71510 Nurse's Off. LVN S
Reichle, Tisha 71163 L113 English/ELD/Social Studies S
Resnick, Joshua 71194
Special Education O
Reyes, Katrina 71222 S202 ELD/Science M
Roberts Art Gallery 71564 H113

R.O.P. 71473 B122 310-395-9493
Ruetschle, Vatita 71103 T103A Special Ed M
Rupprecht, Steve 71288 H208 Math O
Russell, Arthur 71157
Math S
Saenz, Debbie 71194 E103 Special Ed H
Sakow, Terry 71407 M102 Performing Arts M
Salumbides, Rose Ann 71272 B202 Social Studies M
Sass, Amanda 71275 B205 Special Education H
Sato, Liane
Health & PE
71437 Gym/SG14 PE/Science/Athletics (Volleyball) S
Saunders, Shawn 71442 A102 ROP/Digital Design S
Savage, Stephanie 71175 B115 College Center Assistant
Schmidt, Samantha 71283 H203 English O
Schwinn, Jennifer 71521 AD511 Therapist
Seals, Michael 71243 E107 English H
Security Office 71533 AD103C

Security (Weekends) 71650

Shafley, Mariam (ROP) 71174 B102 ROP/Marketing/Small Business I
Shafiey, Mariam (workability) 71517 AD507 Workability I
Silvestri, Marisa 71104 T104/AD201 Social Studies, G. Basketball I
Simone, Laura 71291 H209 O House Advisor (10/12) O
Sinfield, Paul 71277 B207 SPED S
Skaggs, Debbie 71438 Gym PE/PE Dept. Chair H
Soller, Kate 71239 HC Acting/Freshman Seminar H
Song, Kate 71120 S100 Science I
Springer, Caroline 71504 AD400 Principal's Assistant
Staroschak, Christina 71206 T206 Science M
Stauffer, Aimee 71268 L200 Advisor S
Stein, Rebecca 71121 S101 Science M
Stevens, Maria
9 Honors English
11P English
11AP English
71296 H216 English O
Strahn, Yvonne 71472 B122 ROP Assistant
Strnad, Jan 71584 BH20 Facility Permits Supervisor
Swenson, Joni 71405 M101 Performing Arts O
Takahashi, Ashley 71553 H106 Advisor M
Tanner, Dennis 71258 L208 Language, Chinese M
Textbook Office 71550 AD12

Thrower, Lois 71550 AD12 Textbooks
Thun, Charles 71164 L114 Social Studies S
Tickler, Brian 71195 H125 Social Studies O
Topp, Courtney 71197 H127
Toppel, Diane 71162 L112 Special Education H
Torres, Guadalupe 71231 E201 Math H
Toussaint, Nicole 71213 T213 Science H
Transcripts/Records 71526

Trundle, Al 71532 AD103 Athletic Director
Uliantzeff, Elena 71287 H207 Bilingual Community Liaison
Upton, Carey 71585 BH20 Director of Theater Operations and Facility Permits
Ustation, Tina 71196 H116 Special Education M
Valencia, Yunuen 71218 T211 I House Advisor (10/12) I
Veral, Ramón 71205 T205 Math/ELD I
Vikes' Cafe 71566 C126 ROP/Kemp

Vikes' Inn Student Store 71505 AD300 ROP/T. Jones

Visually Impaired 71556 E10

Walsh, Maura 71158 L108
Washington, Chaneé 71211 T211 House Assistant I
Waul, Maria 71125 S105 Special Education O
Webb, Kitaro 71137 E107 English H
Wells, Leslie 71136 E109C House Principal H
Wethern, Heather 71251 L201 Language S
Whaley, Tom 70287 M102 Performing Arts
Wishart, Bill 71189 H123 Art/AV/ROP
Woo, Alexander (sub-Baum) 71134 E109 Advisor H
Young, Cerenity 71285 H205 Special Education H
Yumori, Nicole 71160 L110 Math S
Zurbano, Regina 71299 H209 House Principal O