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Dual-Immersion Language Academy

Spanish 5 AP Must Read:
El alquimista - more info (also at SM Public Library)
Every student must also rean one free choice book.

The Immersion program at Santa Monica High School is a continuation of the dual language program that begins at the Edison Language Academy. The high school program varies from the elementary model in that it functions within the larger, regular Samohi educational program. Our students add an extra class in order to accommodate the Spanish language component.

El Programa de Inmersión de Santa Monica es una continuación de la Academia de idiomas de la escuela Edison. Nuestro programa de inmersión se destingue en el de Edison en que funciona dentro del programa general de Samohi, y los estudiantes toman una clase más al día para acomodar la enseñanza en español.

Because we—Samohi, SMMUSD, and the State of California— value diverse languages and cultures, we want to recognize and celebrate our students who have achieved proficiently in languages other than English. If you do meet the proficiency levels (see each applications for requirements), consider submitting an application for your advisor’s verification for:

  • State Seal of Biliteracy (for any student who achieves proficiency in both English and another world language)
  • Immersion Medallion (for any Immersion student who has successfully met the requirements of the Immersion program)

Students may apply for either or both recognitions.
Please note that applications are due to your advisor no later than Friday, March 1, 2019.

Immersion Faculty

Claudia Bautista Nicholas
Department Chair
Ned Acker
Danny Escalera
Jaime Jimenez
Guadalupe Toumayan
2019 Biliteracy Seal Application >>
2019 Immersion Medallion Application >>

High School Spanish Placement Criteria >>
Colocación en Clases de Español en la Preparatoria >>


Major Goals of Dual-Language Education
> High levels of bilingual proficiency
> Biliteracy--read and write at grade level in both languages
> Content area (mathematics, social studies) achievement at or above grade level
> Multicultural competencies

Four critical components of dual language programs
> The program essentially involves instruction through two languages, where the target language is
    used for a significant portion of the student's instructional day
> The program involves periods of instruction during which only one language is used
> Both native English speakers and native speakers of the target language are participants
> The students are integrated for most content language instruction

Dual Immersion Program Courses and Sample Student Class Schedule

About Immersion

The success of the Santa Monica-Malibu District's Two-Way Immersion program is a product of a strong school-home partnership. The progress and educational success of your child is highly dependent upon your understanding of the program design, at-home support, and your willingness to work with the immersion staff.

We must remember that language acquisition occurs in a gradual manner, over time.To fully benefit from this program, families must be committed to remain in the program for the duration of their children's schooling. It further helps when parents are active participants in their children's education.

Edison Language Academy

District Dual Immersion

Edison Language Academy

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