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Ambassador's Club H121 M Lunch Mr. Lee To organize and coordinate panels for the Samohi career day in March.
Anime Club L204 F Lunch Ms. Nesbitt To watch and appreciate anime.
Animal Activism H218 W lunch Mr. Gottlieb To educate about animal rights problems and encourage a balanced, environmentally friendly lifestyle. 
AP Pals I305 T Lunch/After School Ms. Bautista To raise funds for students who need financial support with AP tests, and to organize tutoring for students. 
Apple Coding Club A102 T Lunch Ms. Saunders Teach coding, problem solving, teamwork, app development, and bringing ideas to life.
Baha'i Unity Club HC/Theatre Monday Ms. Barraza To spread love, peace, and unity. To embrace people of all genders, races, religions, and ethnicities.
Bee Aware L113 Monday Ms. Lee To spread awareness on the bee issue. 
Be Boulder I304 M Lunch Ms. Cruce To discuss rock climbing technique and fundraise for trips.
Big Heart Ranch Club L201 Wednesday Ms. Wethern To raise money for the rescued animals at the ranch. To encourage volunteering at the ranch and to raise awareness about Big Heart Ranch.
Black Student Union I203 Tuesday Mr.Russell To stimulate and develop cultural diversity at Samohi. To host, sponsor, and promote educational, cultural, and social events on our campus.
Book Club  B202 M Lunch Ms.Rivera  To make lasting friendships with students who are interested in young adult books.
Books For Kids E100 Friday Mr. Koehler To help kids with low access to books gain reading material. To promote education and literacy.
Building Homies H218 H218 Mr. Gottlieb To educate students about developing countries, and to show amazing rewards of immersing yourself in a different culture! Each year, we travel to Mexico to build a house for a family in need. Our goal is to bond with each other and in the community member we work with.
Boys and Girls Club Tutors I107 Monday Mr. Gaida To help the Venice Boys and Girls Club out with their children by tutoring or reading. To promote good behavior of the children at the club in Venice and raise money.
Cambodian Children's Dream Org. SG15 F Lunch Mr. Battung To raise money for underpriveleged children in Cambodia. To encourage commradery between peers.
Chess Club E401 W Lunch Mr. Alvarado To foster increased interest, participation, and enjoyment of the game of chess.
Chicanx/Latinx Leaders of The Future E107 F lunch Ms. Rodriguez To encourage higher education for the Latinx and Chicanx students by listening to guest speakers. To inspire Chicanx and Latinx students to be leaders of the future.
Christian Club I303 Th lunch Mr. Khem To provide a community for fellow Christians and allow our faith to grow stronger and inspire on another.
Circle of Friends B205 W lunch Ms. Anderson To create and inclusive Samohi environment with all Samohi students.
Compassionate Samohi H201 W lunch Mr. Escalera To support and work towards the 17 sustaibable goods of the United Nationas. To bring compassionate Santa Monica an existing orgainzation, to youth and Samohi students.
Crafting Center I223 T lunch Ms. Snyder To promote creativity and create a space where students can bring ideas for projects and organize and make them happen. To positively impact our community by using our skills as crafters to either raise more money or spread a love for crafting.
Crocs 4 Kidz H210 W lunch Ms. Lee To promote a safe and loving environment for all. To provide a place for croc fans and maintain our croc's quality.
CTeen Jewish Club T-2 Th lunch Mr. Contreras To provide a safe place for teens to learn about the Jewish community. To give back to our community.
Current Events Club I204 T lunch Ms. Gonzalez To promote an interest in being educated on current events. To raise money for different issues, especially ones that don't recieve enough attention.
Dance Combination Club Dance Room T lunch Ms. Green To teach and perform hip hop dance to Samohi students. To teach students how to express themselves through movement.
Debate Club A101 F lunch Ms. Fisher To hold meaningful debates in a safe environment where conroversial topics can be discussed. To learn beneficial debate skills.
Earning for Educators L110 F lunch Ms. Yumori To raise money for the teachers/educators in our school to show our appreciation for all they do. To raise awarenss  for the fact that most teachers pay for school supplies and other things to help us out of their pocket.
Eco Pac I107 W lunch Mr. Gaida To encourage service by researching and taking action upon environemntal problems in the Santa Monica community. To educatethe Samohi student body on envirenmental issues and engender a mor ecofriendly community.
Education Foundation Club B207 Th lunch Mr. Barraza To promote and fundraise for the Education Foundation and to get students more involved with it.
Embrace Relief H119 T lunch Mr. Hobkirk To raise money for Syrian refugees and help others escape safely. To help them furthermore by donating jackets and essential living supplies.
FIDM Fashion Club I203 F lunch Mr. Russel To let students who are into fashion have an input at school. To let student learn more about FIDM.
Film Club H123 F lunch Mr. Wishart To watch and discuss different types of films.
Film Production Club I204 F lunch Ms. Gonzalez To create films as a production group to build artistic portfolios as well as building a team-building experience.
Free the Children B207 T lunch Ms. Cox To provide opportunities for kids in countries of poverty to have food, water, shelter, education. To meet new people, work together to help better the lives of other children and families.
Free 2 Be Me Dance B205 F lunch Ms. Anderson To give the students with special needs to freely express themselves through dance and the ability to showcase their talents. To provide a safe and accepting and welcoming environmet for these students to be themselves and interact with each other.
French Club H217 F lunch Ms. Smith To educate students who are or aren't in French, with mini French lessons and teach them about the variety of French culture.
Freshmen Steering Room T lunch Mr. Medrano To fundraise and put together events for the freshmen class. To connect freshmen and more fun for our freshmen.
FTC Robotics I109 W lunch Ms. Staroschak To compete in difficult, but fun, robotics competitions. To learn more about engineering and problem solving.
Future in Medicine  I111 Th lunch Ms. Song To provide oppurtunities for students interested in the field of medicine to engage in community service and volunteering not only in the community, but internationally. To host health professionals in our community of Santa Monica and gain their perspectives on succeeding in this field through giving back.
Game Design I204 W Lunch Noemi Gonzalez To teach video game desing with C# and unity 3d. To create a game in 2 years.
Girls Learn Internation (GLI) B208 T Lunch Mr. Barraza To educate students on what is happening in current news and discuss feminist ideals. To give students a way for them to make and impact on the community to help make a change.
Girl's Pact E201 T lunch Ms. Torres Girls pact helps young adults recognize the power of self-confidence and it's significance in maintaining healthy relationships.
Girl Up I311 M lunch Ms. Forrer To develop leadership skills necessary to make a positive difference in the lives of girls everywhere and to emmpower young women.
Give a Life L207 Th lunch Shannon Cox To raise money  for children in India with immunodeficiency diseases who can't pay for their monthly treatments alone.
Good Thymes Club B208 W lunch Mr. Barraza To encourage kids to cook, experiment with food and try new foods from different people. The food has a theme, which is set every week, and everyone has to cook (or brong) food according to the theme.
Group Therapy I304 T Lunch Ms. Cruce To provide therapeutic services to stressed out students. To provide a safe environment for our feelings.
HARP Club L100 M lunch Ms. Bisson To support our students in hopes of creating a league of students to live for the sake of others and apply thought to what they want to do in life. To provide a safe space for our students and give them a group of people to support them and find their purpose, what they will do in life.
Heal the Bay I107 T Lunch Mr. Gaida To promote environment awareness through education, community action, and advocacy.
Heart for Heart I111 Th lunch Ms. Song To fundraise for the charity Heart to Heart. To help a charity from China to help children who can't afford to receive heart surgery.
Help Give Hope Club L103 Th lunch Ms. Chapman To help our community as much as we can by providing necessary supplies to the homeless.
Help the Hungry Club I303 T lunch Mr. Khem To help non-profit organization that are dedicated to feeding the less fortunate through volunteering, holding drives, and fundraising. To raise awareness about the 21,000 people who die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes.
Helping Hands I311 F lunch B. Forrer To raise money for amputees to get prosthetics. To promote the Given Limb foundation.
Human Rights Watch Student Task Force  E107 T lunch Ms. Rodriguez To promote the importance of protecting and defending global human rights.
The Hiking Club E100 T lunch Mr. Koehler To create a group for people to love hiking and the outdoors to hike with. To teach hiking etiquette and safety.
Immersion Club H204 F lunch Mr. Acker To fundraise for the Immersion graduation.
Immersion Student Council I305 F lunch Ms. Bautista To unite students of the 3 school Immersion students through events.
Independant Women Room W lunch Ms. Mireles-Toumayan Some of my friends are fatherless and it has affected their lives majorly, we want to help others in the same situation. We also want to help women and children outside of the school that are missing husband/fatherly figure.
Japanese National Honor Society L205 F lunch Ms. Kariya To inform students about Japanese language and culture, to tutor Japanese to students who are interested in learning Japanese, and to recognize high achievement in Japanese by students in high school.
Junior State of America L103 M lunch Ms. Chapman To promote civic activism in youth and to learn to debate social, political, and recreational isues.
Key Club I107 Th 12:40-1:05 Mr. Gaida To serve the community through creative volunteering projects.
Kid's Hospital Club H119 T lunch Mr. Hobkirk To raise money for UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital.
La Sociedad I305 Th lunch Ms. Bautista To fundraise for the christmas gift drive and give kids gifts who can't afford them.
La Sociedad Honoraria L201 M lunch Ms. Wethern To spread awareness about the Spanish language and culture.
Latin Club I303 M lunch Mr. Khem To promote Latin learning and Roman culture, as well as participating in the Junior Classical League.
Latinos Unidos I309 Th lunch Ms. Mireles-Toumayan To learn more about latino cultures and establish latino pride.
Make-A-Wish L103 W lunch Ms. Chapman To raise money for children with terminal illnesses, and work with the MAW Foundation to sponser a child's wish.
Mathletes L113 T lunch Ms. Lee Teach problem solving skills. Allow oppurtunity for students to practice math.
M.D's to Be L101 M lunch Ms. Shore To work with the WFHC and provide people with affordable health care.
MECHA De Santa Monica H100 Th lunch Mr. Gonzalez To help students learn about their culture.
Meme Review L210 F lunch Ms. Bart-Bell To watch and review memes
Menstrual Rights Club E107 Th lunch Ms. Rodriguez To obtain and preserve funds in the SMMUSD budget dedicated to menstrual products, adn to educate the student body on menstrual rights.
Minions Hip Hop Dance Team Greek/Innovation Quad T/F After School Mrs. Toumayan To entertain and promote dance at Samo.
Models of Tomorrow E213 W Lunch Ms. Gromala
Model UN H202 W lunch Ms. Karyadi To improve public speaking skills and awarenes of international issues.
Multicultural Cooking B206 W lunch Ms. Castillo To encourage students to learn recipes from all over the world, and to go on hikes to cultivate a relationship with the outdoors.
Music Mentors T-2 W lunch Mr. Contreras To help younger students grow as musicians. To raise money for public music education.
Novice Engineering Library M Lunch Ms. Bart-Bell To discuss and work on tech-related projects and proote interest in science and technology.
Operation Sustainabilty H217 W lunch Ms. Smith To promote sustainability in third world countries through fundraising and service in the community.
Opportnuity for Education E213 T lunch Ms. Gromala To provide funding in order to support the construction of primary schools in Ethiopia.
Pass it On L107 T lunch Ms. Paulis To make a difference in children's lives by giving them opportunities to play sports and go to school.
Paws Samohi H218 M lunch Mr. Gottlieb To help raise money for animals who are in need of homes, food, and other basic needs.
PRE Club I207 Th lunch Mr. Denis To provide a safe space for students to discuss equal rights.
The People Concern H119 Th lunch Mr. Hobkirk To support "The People Concern", a westside organization.
Ping Pong Club I204 Th lunch Ms. Gonzalez To relieve stress in a welcoming, yet competitive, enviornment among peers.
Political Activism L207 M lunch  Mrs. Cox
Project RBG College Center W lunch Mr. Flores To increase the college-going culture at Samohi, and to offer enrichment opportunities for students' overall academic and personal achievement.
Puzzle Club E100 Th lunch Mr. Koehler To learn about the history of jigsaw and other puzzles, and to encourage thinking out of the box.
RC and Drones Auto Shop T Lunch Mr. Winston To provide hands on experience building RC controlled UAU's and Cars and to teach/llearn how they work. To help each other learn how to control/race our RC vehicals and understand the physics that make them move.
Red Cross Club T-3 F lunch Mr. Blanche To provide youth the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in their community through wiorking w/ the Red Cross.
Rock Appreciation and Analysis I213 Th lunch Ms. Reyes To foster an appreciation for Rock n' Roll. 
Samohi Branching Out H122 F lunch Ms. Orgill To encourage students to cultivate a relationship with their food, and to get kids spending time outdoors.
Samohi Clay Club A13 Th lunch (Once/Twice a Month) Mrs. Gutierrez To provide assistance to ceramics students, and to showcase the best parts of ceramics for stress and relationships.
Samohi Coding Club L113 W lunch Ms. Lee To promote a coding community where people exchange coding knowledge and to promote the importance of having basic computer knowledge.
Samohi Food Network E100 W lunch Mr. Koehler To create a resource in which students can make more informed decisions on their food choices.
Samohi Gamers  H119 W lunch Mr. Hobkirk
Samohi Surf Team B200 T lunch Ms. Salumbides To discuss and play video games.
Samohi Solar Alliance H208 T lunch Mr. Rupprecht To install solar panels on the Innovation building and to promote sustainability in our community about renewable energy.
Samohi Wellness Advisory Group L106 W Lunch Ms. Lotan To spread the word about the therapists and support groups here at SAMO and to come up with programs related to mental health.
Santa Monica DECA B102 W lunch Ms. Kemp To educate students on the ocean and teach about surfing.
Santa Monica Interact I113 Every other Th lunch Ms. Lofstedt To partner with the International Rotary Club and promote service above self.
Science Olympiad I113 M lunch Ms. Lofstedt To assemble a team to compete in the LA Science Olympiad.
Scuba Club I101 W lunch Mr. Gaida To raise funds to support ocean conservation ad to plan future scuba diving opportunities.
Senior Companions I204 F lunch Ms.Gonzalez To reach out to the elders in our community, bond, read, and write to them.
Senior Steering B100 Every other Th Lunch Ms. Golden To raise funds for the senior class and promote school spirit.
Soup Club I223 Th lunch Ms. Snyder To fundraise and volunteer for our goal; to help feed the local and national homeless.
Soccer Collective H215 Th lunch Mr. Chapman To watch and analyze proffesional soccer, and to inspire others to play.
Sophmore Steering L101 T lunch Ms. Shore To fundraise for the class of 2021 and to give students who aren't in ASB a chance to contribute.
Sports Medicine Trainer's Room M lunch Mr. Tran To incorporate real life situations and undersand aspects of physiology. 
Storyboarding A105 T lunch Ms. Urquhart To create narraives from a variety of ideas through drawing and writing, and to promote collaboration of a group with diverse skills for a goal.
STEM Connect H215 F lunch Mr. Chapman To connect high school students with scientists and experts in the STEM fields using video conferancing.
SWENext L208 F lunch Ms. Wang To expose a diverse community of students to proffesional and academic opportunities in engineering by connecting with STEM professionals.
SunLit Magazine T-3 W lunch Mr. Blank To create a literary magazine that can showcase student work.
Teach and Test I215 W lunch Mr. Kay To raise awareness of the issues related to poor water quality in the Santa Monica Bay, and to empower students to make a positive change in the community.
Team Marine I205 M/W lunch Mr. Kay To change our own culture inside of the district towards sustainability.
Teen Advisory Council I204 Th lunch Ms. Gonzalez Collaborate with the SMPL with events and volunteer opportunities, and to give students information about events and ways to get involved.
Ted-Ed Club H121 W lunch Mr. Lee Give students the opportunity to practice public speaking and present topics of interest in Ted-Talk format, as well as watching and discussing Ted-Talks.
Theater/Improv Club HC W lunch Mrs. Barraza To learn with a fun community about the art of improv.
Tri-M Music Honor Society M101 Th lunch Mr. Aillo To provide resources and support for students to excel at music through lessons and volunteering.
UNICEF Club I303 F lunch Mr. Khem To help people in need.
Vet Club I213 T lunch (Every other T) Ms. Reyes To understand more about animals and how to get involved with them.
Viking Volunteers H119 Th lunch Mr. Hobkirk To give back to middle schools through after school programs and enable students to make connections.
Visual Arts League A103 W lunch Ms. Bouse To raise money for the art department, and to help current and future students with their portfolios.
We Talk Sports I308 T, F lunch Mr. Veral To create a safe community where we can share opinions about sports.
WE R 1 I107 T lunch Mr. Gaida To promote tolerance and inclusivity and to expose students to other cultures and religions.
We Dine Together L107 M lunch Ms. Paulis To provide a space where no one has to sit alone and build lasting relationships.
Youth Engineering I223 F lunch Ms. Snyder To prepare for the annual Rube Goldberg contest.

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