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A Practical Lending of Public Services  L109 Monday Trevor Nevell To practically and effectively lend our time to benefit the community. 
AlegeBròs H214 Thursday Mr. Jimenez To help each other and tutor underclassmen with their math hw or study for a test. Also, create a strong connection with other math lovers and help underclasmen grow and feel comfortable with asking for help.
Ambassadors H120 Thurday&Friday R Blank We meet weekly to roganize career day
American Cancer society High Schools Against Cancer (HAC) L111 Tuesday Emily Lee The American Cancer society High Schools Against Cancer is a nationwide collaboration of high school students dedicated to reducing the incidence and mortality rate of cancer by initiating and supporting advocacy programs, fundraising, and providing cancer education alongside the American Cancer Society. 
Amigos de NIno B205 Monday Sarah Orgill To fundraise for a preschool in Santiago de Aticama, Guatemala that offers preschool education for kids whose parents can't afford to pay the fees for public school.
Amma Protect  I304 Wednesday M. Cruce  Draw pictures and jokes on paper bags. Later filled with food for families struggling financially. The pictures and messages we write and color helps to boost the happiness of the kids. 
Angel Arms H201 Tuesday Kathleen  To help children in the foster child system. 
Animal Shelter Club I107 Wednesday Mr. Gaida to raise money for animal shelters around Los Angeles and to volunteer at shelters and adoption centers.
Anime Club L205 Friday Emily Kariya To create a fun environment for students to bond over japanese anime.
AP Pals I309 Monday Guadalupe Toumayan Fundraise to provide scholarships for students to take AP test and to encourage a college-bound SAMOHI community by providing free tutoring for AP and Honors classes
Art for Heart H216 Wednesday Maria Stevens We support the mattel children's hospital at Ucla and participate in various events with the hospital as well as raise money.
Asian Club E107 Friday Kitan Webb To promote Asian culture and pride on campus and reach out to local Asian communities.
Athletic Support Group E117 Tuesday Douglas Kim To support Athletics throuigh means of media
Avid Club L205 Thursday Emily Kariya To close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and sucess in a global society
Baking Buds H217 Tuesday J. Chapman To make Friends while baking for the homeless and using teamwork. To break gender roles and prove anyone can bake.
Black Student Union (BSU) L109 Tuesday Arthur Russell BSU is an organization that strives to promote student development and a state of community.
Books and Birthday Boxes L104 Tuesday Amy Chapman This club empowers homeless families in Los Angeles by giving them the resources needed to create memorable birthday boxes for their children.
Boys and Girls Club L110 Monday Nocole Yumori Our purpose is to engage fellow students to volunteer and experience giving back to the community by volunteering at the Venice and/or Santa Monica, Boys and Girls Club. At each meeting we will discuss experiences there, as well as sign up for future volunteer hours.
Bread Club A103 Wednesday Amy Bouse Donating Bread to people in need, educating students and taste testing bread
Business and Finance Club A105 Thursday Dave Jones To provide help and inform students with an interest in investing and entrepreneurship. 
C Teen Chabad Jewish Club H102 Thursday Contreras C Teens mission is to connect Jewish teens.
Cambodian Child's Dream Org. I202 Friday Kathlean Fag Raise money to build wells and Latrines for needy Cambodian Families
Chess Club  I111 Friday Kate Song To teach and promote the game of chess. 
Children's Hunger Fund I307 Monday Leigh Anne McKellar To raise money for the children's Hunger fund.
Christian Club  I317 Thursday Vijaya Macwan Encourage other Christians in their walk of faith as well as provide a safe place for them.
Circle of Friends E100 TU&W&TH Carl Hobkirk We encourage inclusion during lunchtime and for general education students to have lunch with disabled students, fostering friendships and positivity.
Clean up Crew A105 Wednesday David Jones To clean up the trash students left behind during lunchtime.
Club Crew  I303 Monday Chamnauch Khem
Code Crackers I207 Friday Mr. Denis Promote computer programing and instill interest into this field.
Crafting Center I315 Tuesday Amy Meadors Selling crafts made during the club to organizations in need.
Creative Writing Club L113 Friday Tisha Marie Reichle To give students a safe and fun environment to express themselves and to learn about the many skills and benefits of creative writing.
Culinary Travels L114 Friday Charles Thun To be further informed about the culture and cuisines of different countries
Dance Combination Club Contemporary Dance Room Monday/
Ms. Green To allow students to learn to dance in the style contemporary and learn to choreograph contemporary and perform it with the dance program during the showcases.
DCC Hip Hop Dance Room Tuesday Nichole Green Our mission is to make stronger hip hop dances.
De-Stressing Club L104 Thursday Amy Chapman Help relieve students of stress from school, problems at home, or in their social lives. It'll give them a safe space to talk, relax, and/or do homework.
Deca  B102 Tuesday Mariam Shafiey To prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in  marketing, finance, hospitality and management high school level.
Doctors Without Borders Club I111 Thursday Kate Song The mission of this club is to raise money, awareness, and support for Doctors Without Borders. Through our work we can help people worldwide where the need is greatest, delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare.
E-watse I215 Thursday Benjamin Kay Spread awareness about the dangers of E-waste, and provide safe ways to recycle it. 
Earth Stewards I204 Thursday Noemi Gonzalez To teach kids about environmental stewardship through hands-on learning.
ECHO Business Management B102/B106 Wednesday Juan Lopez To raise funds towards student scholarship funds.
Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles H215 Thursday Jimmy Chapman To reach out to kids in impoverished neighborhoods and help them.
Enigmatic Mathematics H210 Thursday Kelly John Okla To encourage, promote, and educate and educate an assembly of students passionate about mathematics by riddle solving and community outreach.
Fashion Club L114 Tuesday/Thursday  Mr.Thun Designing pieces and educating runway collections.
Feed the Hungry Club I303 Wednesday Chamnauch Khem To work with nonprofit organizations (fundraise, volunteer our time, inform others about hunger relief, etc.) That help feel the less fortunate. 21,000 people die each day from starvation and I hope my club can at least, slightly decrease that number
Film Club H123 Friday William Wishart Create discussion and analysis of short films while engaging enthusiasts of moving picture media to compare various film styles, creative choices, and other key aspects of film-making. 
Free the Children  L207 Friday Mrs. Cox Free the children will fundraise to help support clean water/ education projects in third world countries. The club will vote on which project they hope to make an impact on. 
Free Tibet I209 Thursday Maggie Colburn Bringing awarness to students about the truth of the chinese occuopation in Tibet.
Free to be Me Club E213 Friday Annett Gromala Raising money for an organization carried "free to be me" where we help create dancing/ volunteer with dancers who have down syndrome at a dance studio they practice out. Raise money in a variety of ways to help the dancers put on a show, costumes, etc. 
Freshman Steering E213 Wednesday Ms. Gromala To let freshman who aren't in ASB to have an input in what happens and the decisions made for the freshman class. 
Game of Tones L111 Friday To have a good time singing with the boys.
Gardening Club I313 Thursday Ms. Forrer To learn about plants and discuss the current environmental state of California. Also, plant plants.
Gentle Hands Gardening Club I107 Friday Ingo Gaida To better understand our natural world and help students reconnect with the lost art of agriculture. 
Get Lit! B205 Friday Sarah Orgill To promote classic and spoken word poetry throuhout the school.
Girls Learn International H2016 Tuesday Maria Stevens GLI is a feminist club that works to gain gender equality both in the U.S. and other countries. We raise money for girls in third world countries and host feminist events.
Girls Pact at Samohi I201 Monday Gilda De La Cruz Gives every young woman the power to decide her future
Give a Life  L207 Thursday Mrs. Cox To collect funds for patients(children) with immune deficiency disorders. 
Golf Club M102 Monday Kevin Mckeown We want to bring together the golf teams at Samohi and raise awareness about the sport.
Google Coding Club (GCC) H119 Tuesday Mr. Hobkirk Promote learning about computer science, computer coding and careers in these fields. Club members will teach Google's Made with to Title I elementary school students. 
GSA S101 Wednesday Jesse Barron To provide a safe, well-rounded space for all LGBTQ students.
GSU S101 Wednesday Jesse Barron To provide a safe well rounded space for all LGBTQ students.
H- House Advisory L205 Tuesday Emily Kariya To promote H-house and to become a tight knit community.
Harry Potter Club L209 Monday Jorge Gutierrez We will meet and discuss theories, trivia, and observation about the Harry POtter serice and movies
Heal the Bay I107 Tuesday Ingo Gaida To help organize clean our oceans and promote the wildlife that lives in endangered habitats.
Heart for Hearts H100 Wednesday Ari Marken To fund surgeries for children with congenital heart disease in Gansu, China and other developing countries. Our goal is to provide each child with a chain of care that provides not only the financial medical help, but also emotional support.
Helping Hands I305 Wednesday Claudia Bautista To help groups in our community through donations and volunteer work.
Human Rights Club L103 Monday Meredith Louria Our club works with non-profit organization Human Rights watch to work campains to benefit people, specifically children around the world.
I Am That Girl B208 Thursday Baraza I am that girl is a nation-wide organization that brings girls together to empower and support each other, as well as improve communication. 
I-House Advisory I202 Monday Kathleen Faas To unify student residing in I-House. Also to give them a leadership role and role in the decision making process of their house events.
Infinite Jest E107 Monday Mr.Webb To offer an opportunity for a thoughtful unpacking and exploration of a respected piece of modern literature.
International Law and Affairs S101 Friday Jesse Barron To discuss the worlds relations through international law and affairs.
Irish Club I305 Tuesday Claudia Bautista To teach and share Ireland's culture and history.
Jazz Club B208 Wednesday Barazza To listen to, play, and appreciate the art of jazz music
Jewish Student Union H102 Tuesday Mr. Contreras To teach kids what the Jewish religion is all about.
Junior State of America I223 Monday Martha Chacon To strengthen American democracy by educating and preparing high school students for lifelong involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society. 
Junior Steering E117 Tuesday Douglas Kim Fundraise to make money to benefit the class of 2018.
Key Club I107 Thursday Gaida Our purpose is to expose members to a variety of service opportunities and promote and inspire passion for community service.
Kicks for change  L110 Wednesday Nicole Yumori Our club will collect shoes and other used/new gear to send to Ngare Mara Girls Secondary School in Kenya, Africa.
Knowledge of Natives L107 Thursday Collette Pope To teach others about the things that natives create and things I have learned.
Korean Culture CLub I303 Thursday Chamnauch Khem To promote a safe ground for those with interest in Korean culture. Explore a multitude of fields such as music, food, dramas/plays, festivals, language, and customs.
La Sociedad I305 Thursday Claudia Bautista Help children by giving them the same privileges and respect as adults. This includes the SMMUSD toy drive and a trip to an orphanage in Tijuana to deliver hygienic products.
La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (National Spanish Honor Society) L201 Wednesday Heather Wethern To honor those who excel in spanish and provide tutoring for those who need help in Spanish.
Latin Club I303/I301 Friday L. Henderson To promote the study of latin and the classics.
Latinos Unidos I309 Friday Guadalupe Toumyan Our main purpose would be to show that Latin american culture is Important too. To let student Enjoy our beautiful culture with us, And last, to honor Latin America
Leaders in Training I304 Tuesday Marae Cruce  Connect Boys and girls club LIT program with samohi by collaborative meetings exposing teens to leadership roles, school, and club through creating events and service projects
M House Advisory I109 Thursday Ms Starokchak Fundraise and plan events for M-House Students
Make -A-Wish Cub L104 Wednesday Mrs.Chapman We try to grant the wishes of children part of the make a wish foundation
Mathletes L112 Thursday Emily Lee To bring the math community together and compete.
Mental Health Awareness Club I205 Tuesday Silvestri Help students with depression & anxiety have a safe place & learn coping skills to deal with life.
Minions Dance Team Dance Room Thursday Nicole Green This club is for hip hop based dancers. we want to build the confidence in dancers. 
Miss Representation I317 Tuesday Ms.Macwan Increase awareness of misrepresentation of women in media & society and spread positivity
National Japanese Honor Society  L205 Monday Emily Kariya NJHS will provide Japanese help in Santa Monica High School with their studies and classwork. We hope to support and assist them with any struggles that may have.
No Limits for Deaf Children E117 Tuesday Doun Kim No Limits is a club that helps students volunteer with a program that helps children that have a diminished hearing ability.
Nosotros I306 Wednesday Ryan Hoffman Empower latino students and others academically to enhance their leadership skills.
Nutrition and Fitness E213 Monday Annett Gromala To spread knowledge and education on the importance of nutrition and fitness.
O-House Advisory H102 Wednesday Danieal Escalera To raise awareness in a sense of community for O-house students. To plan events to bring all O-House students together
Opportunity for Education  H204 Monday Nathaniel Acker To create an awareness of the lack of access to education in Ethiopia by getting involved in the fundraising and building of a new primary school in the spring of 2017.
Paws for a Cause L110 Friday Ms. Yumori To help endangered species thrive among people in our beautiful world!
Percussion Club M102 Wednesday Kevin Mckeown To unite people with mutual love for percussion as well as provide assistance for newer/younger players who wish to improve their skills. 
Persian Club H215 Friday J Chapman To discuss the heritage of our ethnic background and spread awareness of our culture to other kids in the school.
Ping Pong Club Library Friday Mrs. Bart-Bell To provide a fun and competitive environment based on friendly competition.
Plane walkers of Samohi H202 Thursday Adrienne Karyadi To provide entertainment and competition through Magic the Gathering.
Pocket Change H121 Tuesday Chon Lee To encourage students to become involved in charity and to offer them a platform to do so. Also to help out our own community and give back.
Poetry Club B208 Monday Mr. Barraza Poetry serves to provide a safe area for students to share their poems as well as read literature.
Poetry Out Loud Club L108 Thursday Andrea Shore To bring students together to learn about great poetry through memorization and recitation.
Progressive Economics H210 Friday Okla To promote and discuss progressive economic theory particularly as it relates to inequalities in the American economic system.
Project Reaching Bigger Goals College Center Tuesday Ernesto Flores Our goal is to increase the college-going culture at Samohi of providing peer advising and mentorship. 
Red Cross CLub ???? Wednesday Ms. Bouse To mobilize youth to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of disasters through the generosity of donors and power of volunteers.
Reducing Straw Pollution I215 Wednesday Benjamin Kay A group of young environmental activists working to address the overuse of plastic straws and the pollution it creates.
Running with Speakers H123 Tuesday Bill Wishart To run sound on campus.
Rustic Pathways L201 Tuesday Heather Wethern To allow students to experience other cultures and away for them to do their community service while expressing themselves in a new way.
S House Advisory L103 Thursday Mereidith Louria To raise money and put on events for S house advisory.
Safe Haven A101 Friday Tania Fisher Raise money and awareness for homelessness in Santa Monica and LA through organizations like PATH.
Samo Clay A013 Wednesday Laurie Ann Gutierrez To generate funds and appreciation for the ceramics program and Samohi.
Samohi Bookends L207 Friday Shannon Cox To introduce children in need to reading by donating new and used books to childen's hospitals and shelters
Samohi Future in Medicine Club H102 Monday Mr.Contrarez To teach students who are interested in having a future in medicine about the logistics on how to achieve excellence in that field.
Samohi Mountain Bike Club A102 Wednesday Martin Ledford To gather students with the common interest of mountain biking and go on group rides and volunteer to help the trails in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Samohi Outdoors Club I115 Monday Ms.Yaghoubian To get people outside and promote awareness of environmental issues.
Samohi Robotics I107 Tuesday Ingo Gaida Teach students the basics of electrical and mechanical engineering, computer networking, and robotics.
Samohi RSB E101 Monday Ou mission is to fight for a freer and stronger America where everyone has the oppourtunity to achieve the American Dreamu
Samohi Shakespeare Society H121 Wednesday Chon Lee Foster love and appreciation for William Shakespeare as well as being a competition group for the national HS shakespeare comp..
Samohi Solar Alliance H208 Tuesday Steve Rupprecht To help SAMOHI become more environmentally conscious.
Samohi Works E117 Monday Mr.Kim To get the students of Samohi more active in our community.
Samohis and Lows Club B208 Friday Barraza A satirical, on-campus newsletter. To be distributed for free.
Samohis Nets Theater Improv Club H209 Wednesday Bev Meyer To teach students me skills and techniques of improvised theater
Save the Beach Club  L109 Friday Trevor Parker  To clean local beaches and parks and to make the environment cleaner.
Science Olympiad I213 Thursday Benjamin Kay To inroduce students to hand-on Science, practice research and application of of scientific skills as well os competing at a local and potentionally national level.
Senior Steering I311 Tuesday Brooke Forrer To raise money and spirit for the class of 2017. Money goes to end of senior year and prom.
Sight Learning Club L109 Thursday Trevor Parker  Collect used, prescription eyeglasses to donate to students in 3rd world countries.
Skateboard Club A103 Tuesday Bouse Unite skateboarders in SAMOHI to stay off the streets, help under privileged kids learn to skate, and try to get Santa Monica to build a skatepark.
Smash Club H125 Friday Jennifer Pust We serve as a haven to gamers and people who enjoy the Nintendo franchise, Super Smash Bros. A place for all these people to come together and have fun playing Smash once a week.
Sophomore Steering H120 Thursday R. Blanck To plan events and inform members of the sophomore class.
Sports Medicine Club N101 Friday Darren Watters Establish ourselves as the "team behind the team", promoting health and wellness for the student athletes of Samohi and further the develop of students interested in the medical field.
Stagecraft Club Barnum Monday Alan Ceccarelli To provide students with opportunities to explore the technical aspects of theater, including audio, lighting, set design, production, etc....
swell service club B202 Tuesday R. Salumbides To provide a healthy safe zone for underprivileged kids through surfing
Taste Club E213 Thursday Annette Gromala Influence healthy eating at Santa Monica farmers market. Overall, it helps the community; we take away the middle men through the market and enjoy the fruits of our labor here at Samohi.
TCS coding club H203 Tuesday/
Marla Schwartz Educating people on the language of the future.
Team Marine I215 Wednesday Benjamin Kay We are an environmental advocacy group combatting against climate change, ocean acidification, and plastic pollution.
TEDxSAMOHI H121 Wednesday Mr. Chon Lee Our goal is to create a club in which students can perform and watch TED talks with the overall mission of enhancing students' understand of specialized fields of knowledge while providing an open forum to practice presentational and oratory skills.
Teenage Global Leadership I209 Thursday Noemi Gonzalez To inform, advocate, and act upon pressing issues facing today's world.
The Baking Club L104 Monday Amy Chapman To give a way for students to express themselves through food to inspire creativity and uniqueness and to explore different cultures through food.
The Building Homies H216 Thursday Maria Stevens Go on a volunteer trip to mexico to build a house for an underprivileged family.
The Fish Finders Humanities Center Tuesday/
B. Meyer Learning basic techniques in fishing, using different set ups for different species of fish.
The Makeup Club L207 Monday Shannon Cox To teach people makeup techniques, watch videos on makeup, do makeup on people.
The Nation Foundation l210 Monday Ms.Bart Bell To work in conjunction with the Nation Foundation with a purpose of helping schools on developing countries with equal academic opportunities.
The Samo Podcast I207 Randy Denis To create an intersecting, informative, and entertaning podcast we want to make the voices of all students heard
The Samohi's and Lows Post B208 Friday Barraza, Pete A satirical, on-campus newsletter to be distributed for free. 
Three-Tier B102/B106 Wednesday Ms. Kemp The mission is to raise money for Me and my Peers. For a more solid future.
Traveling for Education I317 Tuesday Ms.Macwan To travel around the country to learn more about yourself and the world.
Tri-M Honor Society M101 Friday Designed to attract students with strong passion for music & provide leadership.
Trivia Club I107 Friday Mr. Gaida To unite students with the same passion for trivia.
Viking Leaders SG14 First Friday of the month Ms. Boyd To involve students outside of ASB in planning events, activities, and themes in order to broaden the influence of school spirit. 
Virtual Enterprise B110 Wednesday Mr. Santa Cruz To raise money to fund academic activities and business competitions.
Visual Arts League A103 Thursday Amy Bause To provide an opportunity for high school to be involved with the arts through artistic projects and fundraisers inside and outside of school.
We talk Sports H203 Tuesday and Friday Discuss and debate topuics in the world of sports.
Women's International I House? Wednesday Noemi Gonzalez The purpose of this club is to inform others about the current events that happen to women around the world.
World Scholar's Cup H210 Monday Kelly John Okla To compete in and study for the World Scholar's cup.
Young entrepenuers 4 leaders of LA L104 Friday To promote the bussiness field
Youth Engineering Club I319 Tuesday Ayanna Pantallion To allow students to get hands on engineering experience.

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