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3D Printing and Design Club L202 Thursday Ms. Jellison Share the techniques behind 3D modeling and printing to a broad audience and to promote STEM related skills using CAP software
Access Books  Library Friday Mrs.Tovar To raise money for books and remodeling libraries for inner-city schools.
Alex's Lemonade Club H216 Monday Mrs. Boyd To raise awarness of childhood cancer, and support children affected with cancer.
Algorithms Club H210 Tuesday Mrs. Lofstead To solve tough puzzles by devising clever algorithims using problem solving and math skills.
Animal Shelter Club I113 Wednesday  Dr. Lofstedt  Volunteer at local animal shelters and raise money for animal shelters
Anime Club L204 Friday Ms. Nesbitt To promote anime and cosplay to the samohi community and to create a community for fans
AP Music Theory Piano Room Thursday Ms. Swensa To prepare students for their AP Music Theory exam and to teach the language of music
AP Pals I305 Friday Ms. Bautista-Nicholas Raise money and provide scholarships for students taking AP test. To offer tutoring to students, from their peers
Bahai Unity Club Humanities Center Monday Kate Barraza To teach people about the principles of the Bahai faith and unite people of every gender, religion, and race.
Bee Aware  L109 Tuesday Mr. Parker To fundraise and inform others of the issues with bees like endangerment.
Black Student Union (BSU) I203 Tuesday Mr.Russell To discuss important issues and topics that pertain to the community.
Books and Birthday Boxes L105 Thursday Mrs. Collins To fundraise so we can gather gifts for homeless youth and to bring awareness of homeless youths
Boys and Girls Club L206 Thursday Mr. Gutierrez Enable students to volunteer at the boys and girls club and to fundraise for underpriviledged children 
Breast Cancer Club B206 Thursday Mr. Patanaude Inform student of Breast Cancer and raise money for women & men with breast cancer at hospitals
Building Bridges Club B106 Friday Mr. Barron Provide a safe environment to talk about social justice issues and give students a voice in the modern political era
Building Homies H218 Thursday Mr. Gottlieb To do community service and raise money to go and do so. 
Business and Finance Club I113 Wednesday Ms. Löfstedt Tp create knowledgeable investors and reinforce the agenda of America
C Teen Jewish Club H102 Thursday Mr. Contreras To educate students about the jewish cultures and let jewish teens socialize among each other
Calligraphy and Art History A105 Monday Mrs.Urquhart To provide a creative space for students and provide relief from the stressful school enviorment.
Cambodian Children's Dream Organization Yoga Room Friday Jason Battung To raise money for the underprivilaged and thirsty citizens of Cambodia & to encourage commradery between peers while accomplishing goals for a good cause
Career Club H119 Monday Mrs.Pulido To educate students about career possibilities after high school and college.
CBS Reality TV Shows L110 Monday Mrs.Yumori To talk about and analyze CBS reality tv shows.
Change for Change  I204 Wednesday Mrs. Gonzalez To install change boxes around school to raise money for local homeless shelters.
Charitable Aid Club I309 Monday Mrs.Toumayan To fundraise and donate to those in need.
Chess Club B202 Monday Mrs. Salumbides To promote the game of chess as well as educate students about it
Christian Club I317 Thursday Ms. Macwan Provide a community for fellow Christians and to allow our faith to grow stronger and inspire each other
Circle of Friends TBD Mon to Fri Mrs.Lee To promote kindness and create friendships with disabled students.
Clean Up Crew A102 Tuesday Mr. Saunders To keep the campus clean and keep students aware of ways of beautifying the environment.
Code Crackers L110 Friday Nicole Yumori Introduction to Java Script and Engineering
Competitive Gaming / Esports H203 Thur & Fri Mr. Cairl To compete with other high school students online competitive gaming.
Creative Writing Club E213 Thursday Ms. Gromala Help those who want to improve their creative writing and share poetry/writing/ideas with English enthusiasts
Cryptohi E103 Tuesday  Mr. Cierra To teach peers to research crypto currencies and analyze market trends. Eventually start investing as a group in coins
Cultured Curls I319 Thursday Ms. Pantallion Provide a community to inspire those with natural hair.
Current Events Club H203 Wednesday Ms. Schwartz To bring awareness of social & current events, and to fundraise for people/groups in need of assistance
Cycling Club H204 Monday Mr. Acker Educate students about bike safety, techniques, and maintenance to be a successful cyclist and to provide a community for cyclists to learn and improve on their knowledge of cycling from experienced cyclists
DCC Hip Hop Dance Room Wednesday Mrs.Tanuy To represent the dance and and hip hop community for all dancers.
Doctors Without Borders  I113 Tuesday Mrs. Lofstedt To raise money for Doctors Without Borders, who provide medical aid worldwide to those in need.
Echo Club B102 Wednesday Mrs. Kemp Help students learn entrepreneurship.
El Salvador's Angels  L206 Wednesday Mr. Gutierrez To fundraise for the homeless children in El Salvador, and learn more about the culture / living conditions
Enigmatic Mathematics H210 Monday Mr. Okla To promote a mathematics outside of the standard curriculum and to get students excited about the possibilities of mathematics
Ethnic Studies Club E107 Monday Mrs. Rodriguez To continue the efforts made to share the diverse voices, stories and cultures of American in Samohi's ethnic studies.
Food 4 All H122 Monday Ms. Orgill To feed people at homeless shelters in need and to fundraise for homeless shelters
Free 2 Be Me L104 Thursday Ms. Chapman Raise money for the Free to be Me organization and to raise awareness for people with down syndrome and recruit more volunteers
Free The Children L207 Tuesday Ms. Cox To raise awareness & interest in global issues that kids in different third world countries face with special attention to purchasing books at a school in Tanzania
Free Tibet Club I209 Thursday Mrs.Colburn To spread awarness of Tibet's brutal occupation under China.
Freshmen Steering L202 Wednesday Dr. Medrano Fundraise for the class of 2021 and raise spirits among new student at SAMOHI
Future Doctors of the World I213 Thursday Mrs.Reyes To help guide and unite students aspiring for a future in the medical field.
Future In Medicine I111 Thursday Ms. Song To reach out to students aiming to have a career in medicine and to provide information regarding the different fields. Also to bring in doctors to answer questions and share experiences
Gen Roots  E213 Tue and Wed Mrs.Gromala To build and develop relationships within the Santa Monica community.
Gender and Sexuality Alliance B106 Wednesday Mr. Barron To provide a safe space at Samohi for those in the LGBTQ community
Girls Lacrosse Club B206 Monday Mr. Patenaude To fundraise and promote girls lacrosse around campus.
Girls Learn International B208 Tuesday Pete Barraza To support the empowerment of girls access to education
Give a Life L207 Thursday Mrs. Cox To raise funds and help support children in India with the disease with agamaglobulinemia
Good Thymes B208 Wednesday Mr.Barraza To embark on a variety of food journeys and gather with others who are passionate about the culinary arts.
H-House Advisory L205 Monday Ms.Kariya To assist in house activities and help out in the H house community.
Harry Potter Club L209 Tuesday Mr. Gutierrez To discuss theories and share interesting facts & ideas
Heal the Bay I107 Tuesday Ms. Gaida To educate students and encourage environmental awareness
Heart for Heart I107 Tuesday Mr. Gaida Raise money to support children diagnosed with congenital heart disease and to sponsor as much as possible for them
Help Give Hope Club E117 Thursday Mr.Kim To ensure that homeless people in Santa Monica are supported and cared for.
Help the Hungry Club I303 Thursday Mr. Khem To donate our time and/or provide help to non-profit organizations dedicated to feeding the hungry and to raise awareness of the approx. 21,000 people who die due to hunger everyday
Human Rights Watch L103 Tuesday Mrs. Louria To spread awareness of human rights issues
Humanitarian Relief Fund I309 Friday Ms. Toumayan To provide to those in need of humanitarian aid and to promote leadership & community involvement among student of SAMOHI
Hype Talk Club I309 Tuesday Mrs.Toumayan To design modern fashion and donate shoes.
Immersion Club H206 Friday Mr. Acker Help raise more awareness to what immersion is and to raise money for our Edison graduation
Immersion Student Council I305 Friday Claudia Bautista-Nicholas To unite the Immersion program throughout Edison, JAMS, and Samohi and to plan & fundraise for Immersion events
Interactive Audio Visual Media E117 Thursday Mr. Kim Teach kids about the future of visual interactive entertainment and enhance interactive entertainment skils
International Club B106 Tuesday Jesse Barron To have a place for int'l kids to talk and hangout with eachother with similar experiences moving to another country, deal with being homesick, and findding others from the same home country
Irish Club I305 Tuesday Ms. Bautista-Nicholas To share the rich history and culture of Ireland
Japanese National Honor Society L205 Monday Ms. Kariya To assist students interested in learning Japanese and to recognize the high achievements in Japanese by students in high school
Jello Club I213 2nd/4th Fri Katrina Reyes To mingle and give information about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints & answer questions and trump stereotypes regarding "Mormons"
Jewish Sports Debate Club I311 Tuesday Ms. Forrer  To promote the love of sports at Samohi and to discuss the role of religion in all sports, specifically judiasm. Welcome to all.
Judo Club H119 Monday Mr.Hobkirk To know what judo is and discuss diferent techniques for the sport.
Junior State of America L104 Monday Mrs. Chapman To promote interests and healthy disscusions of politics and current events.
Junior Steering H122 Tuesday Ms. Orgill Raise money/spirit for our junior class and to help students prepare for the next years ahead
K.I.D.C. Photography A013 Friday Mrs.Gutierrez To allow freshman and sophmores to be apart of photography.
Kazoo Krew I207 Thursday Mr. Denis Provide a place for kazoo players to meet and to practice kazoo together
Key Club I107 Thursday Ms.Gaida To perform community service projects, and to encourage leadership by serving others
Kid's Hospital Club H119 Tuesday Mr.Hobkirk To help kids with medical needs feel better in their situation.
Korean Culture Club I305 Tuesday Mr.Khem To learn about different cultures from countries around the world.
La Sociedad I305 Thursday Ms. Bautista To improve the lives of children in their communities
La Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica L201 Monday Heather Wethern To provide a community for Spanish Students where important current events can be discussed & fundraising
Latin Club I303 Wednesday Mr. Khem To collaborate with peers, expand latin knowlege, and fundraise for the program.
Latinos Unidos I309 Thursday Ms. Mireles To show our pride of Latin American culture & it's importance and so other students enjoy and learnn about our culture with us
Life Extension Science Club H100 Tuesday Ari Marken To bring awareness and info on life extension science to campus.
M-House Advisory I109 Monday Ms. Starokchak To plan and participate in house events. Support the M House community
Make-A-Wish Club L104 Wednesday Ms. Chapman To fundraise for a Make-A-Wish child and promote awareness to childhood cancer
Martial Arts Club L204 Monday Ms. Nesbitt To create a positive environment for martial artists to discuss their craft and to teach discipline traditional to many practices. No martial arts or physical activity during club
Mathletes L113 Wednesday Ms. Lee Participate in Bay Math League Competitions 4 times a year and encourage competitive mathematics
M.E.Ch.A De Santa Monica S201 Thursday  Mr. Gonzalez Gaining further insight about latino heritage, root, and culture. Further our education and bring awareness & expand knowledge of our background to others
Meditative Coloring H218 Monday Mr. Gottlieb To provide a stress realiving, calming activity that is open to all.
Mental Illness Organization Fundraiser C101 Thursday Ms. Shore To raise money for mental illness organizations and hospitals
Minions Hip Hop Dance Team Dance Room Tue, Wed, & Thur Mr.Hecht To represent the dance and hip-hop community.
Model United Nations H202 Tuesdays-Afterschool  Mrs. Karyodi To advance knowledge of the world and develop speaking, debate, and writing skills for college
Music Mentors H102 Wednesday Mr. Contreras Raise money as well as give musical aid to public school music programs. We want all students regardless of background to have an opportunity to pursue music. We want to offer free lessons and help to those who may not afford it
National Spanish Honor Society L201 Monday Ms. Wethern  Join to promote the Spanish community! Spread awareness of our culture
O-House Advisory H201 Monday Mr. Escalera To raise money for the O-house students and plan different events to bring unity 
Opportunity for Education E213 Friday Mrs.Gramala To raise money to build schools and wells in Ethiopia and spread awarness about educational barriers.
Outdoors Multi-Cultural Cooking Club B206 Wednesday Mr Patanaude Encourage student's love and interest for the cuisines of the world. Promote outdoors activities and excite students to spend less time indoors
Paws For A Cause L110 Friday Ms. Yumori To raise money about the exploitation of animals and to raise money for endangered species.
Persian Club H215 Friday Mr. Chapman To dicuss Persian culture and promote Persian pride on campus 
Photography Club A012 Wednesday Mr. Ledford To give students the opportunity to meet peers who share their interest in photography and to give students a creative space to collaborate and improve their skills
Poetry Club B208 Monday Mr. Barraza To read, analyze, and write original poetry.
Political Activism  L207 Monday Ms. Cox To allow students to band together and affect decisions in local government and give them a platform to respectfully discuss & raise money for non-profit political organizations.
POPS the Club E213 Monday Annette Gromala "Pain of The Prison System" To support & provide a creative outlet for students who have experienced the incarceration of a loved one
Progressive Economics H214 Friday Mr. Okla Raise awareness of current government, social, and economical issues and help & engage with civil unions
Project Lead The Way I223 Everyday Ms. Snyder  To compete at JPL and offer opportunities for future engineers 
Promote A Pup H120 Thursday Mr. Blanck  To raise money to train, breed, house service dogs, and for families who need service dogs.
Real Talk I107 Monday Mrs.Gaida To talk about issues regarding today and our future.
Republican Student Body (RSB) E101 Monday Mr. Alvarado Uphold the entire U.S Constitution and preserve American liberty
S-House Advisory  L103 Monday Ms. Louria  Assist in house advisories and help out the house community
Samo Clay A013 Thursday Mrs.Gutierrez To raise money for the ceramics class and provide more time for art.
Samohi Archaeological Society L207 Friday Ms. Cox To encourage intest in archaeology and to educate students on current and past international digs
Samohi Book Enthusiasts I209 Friday Mrs. Colbum To encourage and develop a love of reading among kids.
Samohi Coding Club L113 Tuesday Ms.Lee To teach and build coding skills in a friendly all-level enviorment.
Samohi Democrats TBD Thursday Mrs. Gonzalez To encourage political discourse and debate.
Samohi Literary Magazines L206 Monday Mr. Gutierrez Provide a creative space for students and a platform to showcase their work
Samohi Podcast  I207 Tuesday Mr. Denis  To give Samohi students a broadcasting voice in the SAMO community.
Samohi Rotary Club I223 Thursday Ms. Snyder For community service and to influence engineering/spanish students to continue after high school
Samohi Shakespeare Society H121 Friday Mr. Lee Host ESU Shakespeare competition and enrich shakespeare lover's and thespien's appreciation for the world's greatest writer: Shakespeare
Samohi Solar Alliance H208 Tuesday Mr. Rupprecht Create a more environmentally friendly campus and to educate our community about sustainability and solar
SAMOtors Library Thursday Stefani Tovar Giving Samohi students the opportunity to learn electrical engineering and computer science in a fun way
Santa Monica DECA B102 Tuesday  Mrs. Shafiey To provide opportunities through competition and community service for emerging leaders and entrepreneurs pursuing careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, management, and others
Santa Monica High School Youth Engineering I223 Monday Ms. Snyder Allow any student to be a part of a culture of scientific progress and technological appreciation. To teach basic mechanical skills of simple achines and a sense of pride and achievement in members
Save the Children I309 Friday Mrs.Toumayan To encourage and find people with the same compassion to help children in need.
Science Olympiad I107 Monday Ms. Gaida Engage students in hands-on scientific experiments and to compete in regional and national competitions
Senior Steering B100 Wednesday Ms. Golden Fundraise for the senior class and to get feedback
Sight Learning Club L109 Tuesday Mr. Parker To collect used prescription eyeglases to donate to students in third world countries.
Smash Club I303 Friday Mr. Khem To have fun playing/discusing a game we all enjoy and to make friends with each other  have nice conversations
Soccer Collective H215 Thursday Mr. Chapman To analyze and discuss the best soccer leagues around the world.
Sophomore Steering L101 Wednesday Ms. Shore To give sophomore students a voice in decisions about our grade and to inspire students to make a difference in the SAMO community
Soup Club A101 Tuesday Ms. Fisher To connect students to their community by giving back and to provide student services to those in need
Sports Debate E117 Friday Mr. Kim Raise awareness of SAMO sports and to compare athletes
Sports Medicine Club N-101 AT Room Friday Mr. Watters To promote the Athletic trainers profession and educate in the fields of human sciences and emergency medicine
Sustainable Samohi I107 Monday Mr.Gaida To improve the enviormental sustainabiliy of the samohi campus through research.
Swell Service B202 Tuesday Ms. Salumbides To get community service through the Surfbus Org. and educate people on ocean safety
SWENext Club L208 Wednesday Nancy Wei "Society of Women Engineers" To expose a diverse community of students to professional and academic opportunities in engineering or connecting with professionals in STEM fields
Switch Club L114 Thursday Mr. Thun To encourage nintendo switch owners to join in and play together on the new console.
Teach and Test I215 Wednesday Mr. Kay To educate  the public about Santa Monica's Bay water quality and improve the quality overall
Team Marine I215 Mon & Wed Mr. Kay To promote sustainability and help make everything more green.
TED-ED Samohi H121 Wednesday Mr. Lee To help provide public speaking opportunities in a positive enviorment and making or watching TED talks.
Television Media Club I319 Tuesday Mrs. Pantallion To discuss, critique, and watch popular television shows with friends and peers
The Art Collective A103 Tues and Fri Mrs.Bouse To create a safe space for young artists.
The Art of Conversation A103 Monday Ms.Bouse To develop and practice interpersonal skills and face-to-face interaction in an age of technology.
The Comedy Club: For Comic Relief Science Quad Mon & Fri Spread awareness of the diversity and art of comedy, to improve everyone's mood 
The Crafting Center I223 Tuesday Ms. Snyder Let students express their creativity & make their ideas happen and to help organizations by donating money/crafts
The Gift of Mobility Club H121 Tuesday Chon Lee To raise money for those in need who cannot afford their own wheelchairs
The Given Limb H100 Friday Mr. Marken To improve the lives of individuals with amputations or diminished use of their limbs and to impact the community & help others in need
The Nation Foundation I205 Wednesday Ms. Silvestri Help provide a quality education to students in developing countries and rebuild schools in developing countries
The Syrian Refugee Project H210 Tuesday Ms. Tovar To raise awareness and money for the Syrian refugee crisis throughout Santa Monica high school and the city
Tri-M-Music Honor Society M101 Friday Mr. Aiello Offer leadership & community performance opportunities with a strong passion for music. To provide resources & support for students to excel at music through lessons & volunteering
UNICEF Club I213 Wednesday Mrs. Reyes UNICEF club partners with the U.S. fund for UNICEF to educate, advocate, and fundraise - work that is vital to UNICEF’s ability to save children in need in 190 countries around the globe
Vikings AVID Club L203 Wednesday Mrs. Garca-Hecht To take trips to universties, so that students can think towards their future.
Visual Arts League A103 Monday Ms. Bouse Raise money for the art department and assist future/current AP Art students with their portfolios
Water Wishes H217 Monday Ms. Smith Raise awareness & fundraise for wells to be built in West Africa and to help people who don't have access to clean water
We Talk Sports Club H203 Tuesday & Friday Ms. Schwartz Encourage debate and discussion of current sports topics. Build a sense of camaraderie and community amongst a group of students
Weightlifting Club H210 Thursday Mr. Okla To provide meal plans for people that encourage proper nutrition and to explore possible exercise plans
Westside Water Polo Club L102 Wednesday Mr. Flanders Promote water the sport of water polo and raise money for fun water polo trip
Youth and Government  H201 Tuesday Mr.Escalera To inform students of youth & govenment and political debates.
Zine Club A103 Thursday Amy Bouse To provide students with the opportunity to create their own zines and to spread awareness of zines

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