The Vikes' Inn
The Vikes' Inn is a student-operated school store providing convenience, service, and quality products to students, faculty, and alumni. This enterprise is to act as a laboratory for students to receive entrepreneurial, business management, ethics, and leadership training.
The Vikes' Inn History

     The Vikes' Inn history spans several decades. In the 1940's and 50's it was a social gathering place and a malt shop. In the 1960's it became mostly a bookstore. By the 1980's, the Vikes' Inn had grown to be a typical student store, selling school supplies, bus cards, and PE clothing. It was also typical in the fact that it did not break even, but operated at a financial deficit to the school district.

     In fall of 1995, instructor Teri Jones' R.O.P. Business Management class took over the operations of the store as a laboratory for experiencing management and entrepreneurial concepts. The first year of student operation produced an increase of gross sales by 65%. By the 1999/2000 school year, the students had increased sales by 400%. The class is now called "Project ECHO", after the non-profit organization which assists the students and teachers in the learning/teaching process, and also acts as a support for student recognition. We sincerely hope you enjoy your purchases from the Vikes' Inn.