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Academic Planning

Ninth and Tenth Grade Parents:  
2017 - 2018 Incoming 9th Grade Presentation
2017 - 2018 Incoming 10th Grade Presentation Links:
S House
Ms. Golden (9th and 10th) Grade:
Ms. De Mirjian (10th Grade):
Mr. Trundle (9th Grade):

M House
Ms. Pulido (10th Grade):
Ms. Hinojosa (9th Grade):

O House
Ms. Simone (10th Grade):
Ms. Gonzalez (9th Grade) :

H House
Ms. Camerino (10th Grade):
Ms. Asiaban (9th Grade):

I House
Ms. Valencia (10th Grade):
Ms. Garrido (9th Grade):

Academic Planning Process Links

Listed below are informational documents that are important in the academic planning process. Please click on each link to open up the documents.

> CTE/ROP Class Highlights

> Senior English Electives

> SAT Redesign
> Learn about the Redesign of the SAT (effective Class of 2017)

> Graduation & UC/CSU Requirement
> Requisitos para la graduación y los colegios y universidades

> Academic Planning Overview
> Visión de Conjunto para Planificación Académica

Independent Study Physical Education
> ISPE Application
> ISPE Activity Record

Advancement Via Individual Determination,
> AVID Application

NCAA Educational Resources:
> NCAA Educational Resources
> NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete

>   9th Grade Course Offerings 2017-18
> 10th Grade Course Offerings 2017-18
> 11th Grade Course Offerings 2017-18
> 12th Grade Course Offerings 2017-18

> Academic Planner/Course Descriptions

> Science Pre-Requisites

> College Information Packet
> Paquete de información de colegios e universidades

> Juniors: Things You Need to Know

Calculating Your GPA
> Difference between un-weighted and weighted GPA

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