Letters to New AP Art StudentsAdvice for New AP Art Students

Come and read it - advice from those in the know - experienced AP Art students dish about how to succeed in your new AP Art class. You'll learn that you're not alone if you feel overwhelmed, unprepared, or "not talented enough", but with the guidance and support of Ms. Bouse and your fellow students, you can navigate the rough spots and learn to manage the demands and challenges while getting the most out of AP Art. Read on >

Teen Summer at SMPLSummer Programs at SMPL

There's a lot going on at the Santa Monica Public Library this summer, from writing workshops to ukelele lessons to smartphone photography classes. Click here for info about classes, summer reading and volunteer opportunities >
If you're seeking a meaningful volunteer experience, come to the library's Tech Teen Volunteer info session on August 15 at 7pm in the Main Library. More info >

Contribute to Purchase Sketchbooks for 60 AP Art Students

AP Art Sketchbook Go Fund Me CampaignSketchbooks take students out of the scrolling life. Many teenagers in my high school art classes seem to spend an alarming amount of time on digital devices. There is great information on these devices, of course. They have immediate access to contemporary knowledge, which can serve them well. With this project, I would like students to exercise a different part of their brain. Sketchbooks for my 60 AP students will give them an official place to record their ideas, both big and small. These portable volumes provide a convenient place to experiment. For the first semester of this school year, I asked students to spend 10 minutes with their sketchbook each day. We tried a variety of different prompts. This practice of consistently revisiting a physical practice of drawing garnered great work for some students. I think all students emerged with stronger finished pieces. I would like to buy multi media sketchbooks so students can use marker and color pencil in addition to graphite. I would like to buy one sketchbook for each student in AP Art, plus a few extra ones for overachievers and misplacers.
Contribute at: - Thanks for your support!

Support Your Art Student
SAMO4ART is a nonprofit group looking for a few parents of current Samohi art students to continue its legacy of supporting Visual Arts at SAMO.
  • Help manage SAMO4ART
  • Help support exhibits and Opening Receptions in the Historic Roberts Art Gallery
  • Help manage donations
For more information or to volunteer, please contact Laurie Ann Gutierrez at

Donate to SMAPA Visual Arts

Please consider making a tax deductible donation which will allow us to provide much needed supplies so our students may continue to create amazing works of art! If you want your donation to go to a specific Art Teacher or program, please state this in the check memo line or in the message box via PayPal.

Please makes checks payable to: "SMAPA Visual Arts"
c/o Santa Monica High School
601 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica CA 90405
Attn: Art Dept, Martin Ledford

SMAPA Visual Arts and SAMO4ART operate through the Santa Monica Arts Parents Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Federal ID 95-2563339.

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