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AP Art is a rigorous federal program engineered to give high school students the opportunity to gain college credit. The class requires a great deal of talent, motivation and dedication. Click on the links below for help navigating the sometimes confusing waters of AP Art.

. AP Studio Art Submission Guidelines

. Acceptance Letter

. AP Portraits

. AP Art Syllabus

. Overview of AP Art

. NEW for 2018-19! Advice for New AP Students

. Concentration Advice

. Forms

> Artist Report

> Concentration

> Gallery Report

> Project Record

. Portfolios

> Portfolio Checklist and Sample Submissions

> Difference Between Drawing and 2-D Portfolios
> AP Portfolio Examples

. AP College Board Information

. AP Student Art

. Slide Processing

. Out of Ideas? - Try These:

> Art Prompts and Sketchbook Ideas

> Paper Art
> Get Unstuck: Concentrations