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Acceptance into the AP Art Program requires submission of a 10-piece portfolio, including examples of a still life, a self-portrait, and a figure drawing. Portfolio samples must be executed in at least three different media (acrylic, watercolor, clay, etc.)

Click on the links below to view examples of work from the portfolios of students accepted into the AP Art Program:

AP Portfolio Checklist

Consult the College Board website for information about the Studio Art program: at:

Your portfolio will consist of 10 pieces, including one each of the following:
  • A still life (collection of objects);
  • A self-portrait; and
  • A figure drawing (part or all of a person, preferably from real life, not a photo.)

Your portfolio will include at least three different media: photo, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, clay, wood, etc.

  • Include your name, ID number, phone number and the year that you will graduate on all pieces.
  • Your work should be presented in a portfolio or large piece of folded paper.
  • Include a list of art experience (SAMOHI classes, outside classes, workshops, etc.)
  • Include an essay (typed, one page) that explains why you want to be in AP Art.
  • Be sure to address your personal motivation for being in the art program as well as your ability to work independently and consistently.

If you need any more information, please contact Ms. Bouse (extension 71443).