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Santa Monica High School Yearbook - The Nautilus

Faculty Advisor: Amy Chapman

Samohi's yearbook - The Nautilus - is put together each year by a hardworking and dedicated staff of students. Working with English teacher Amy Chapman, as their advisor, the staff creates a book that provides an interesting insight into life as a student at Santa Monica High School.

Serving on the yearbook staff is a valuable learning experience in the field of media, since it involves interviewing, photography, editing, layout, writing, and meeting deadlines.

All students, from Sophomores to Seniors, are encouraged to join the team which consists of a staff of about 35-40 students. Yearbook meets daily during 4th Period.
Yearbook and Senior Yearbook Ads
Yearbook sales begin at registration. Prices increase throughout the school year ranging from $95 to $110 depending on when the purchase is made. Space is available in the last one-third of the yearbook for senior ads. Full and half page sheets can be prepared and purchased by individuals, friends, and groups. Students should avoid the stress of their senior year by purchasing their Senior Ad early! Senior Ad Prices: Full Page Layout $225; Full Page Collage $175, Half Page Layout or Collage $120. The last day to reserve a senior page is November 18, 2018. If you get your Senior Ad turned in by December 2, 2016, you will receive a $25 refund. All Senior Ads are due by December 16, 2018 in L104.

The yearbook committee is a great opportunity for students to show their literary skills. The Nautilus is always a great read because the talented students who belong to this committee work hard all year to ensure great results.

During the school year, orders for yearbooks are taken in Room L104 before school, during lunch or after school. Be sure to order your copy of The Nautilus early and save. The price increases at $5 increments in January and May.

Advertising in The Nautilus:
Ads from Full Page to Business Card size are sold to businesses, students, and families. Click here to view examples of ad sizes available to purchase.

Business Ad Prices:
Business Ads in yearbook range from $70-$450. All ads are in color. The prices break down as follows:
• Eighth Page (Business Card/2x5) -$70
• Quarter Page (4x5) -$110
• Half Page (8x5) - $300
• Full Page - $450

Sponsors receive a copy of The Nautilus, recognition on the sponsors’ page, and an advertisement. The prices break down as follows:
• Donation of $300-$449 (1/8 page)
• Donation of $450-$599 (1/4 page)
• Donation of $600-$749 (1/2 page)
• Donation of $750+ (full page)

For more information, please email the Business Ads Editors at

Parent Messages
Parents can include a special message to their favorite grads. The cost is $25 for a written message, $25 for a photo, or $40 for both. Please mail messages and/or photos (along with a check made out to Santa Monica High School) to:
Mrs. Chapman
Room L104
Santa Monica High School
601 Pico Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405

You can also deliver Parent Messages and checks directly to Mrs. Chapman in Room L104.

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