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What is the goal of Flex-Time?

Samohi Flex-Time provides targeted educational opportunities during the school day for intervention and enrichment to best meet student individual needs. It is our goal that Flex-Time will help all students to be more successful. Students will engage in their own learning by building metacognitive and advocacy skills to promote emotional health, explore passions and grow in a focused, academic, and productive environment.

Three main areas of offerings:

  1. Academic Support
  2. Enrichment Opportunities
  3. Social Emotional Support

What do students do?

  • Be Productive
  • Be Focused
  • Be Responsible
  • Be a Self-Advocate
  • Be Present
  • Be Proactive
In short, you have been given the gift of time, please make good choices and use it wisely!

What does it look like?

Students select one of the offerings available based on their individual needs. They sign up for an offering using the link on the school website. Attendance will be taken, so everyone must attend one of the Flex-Time offerings.

Office Hours Library/Writing Center College Center Testing Center Featured Flex-Time
Teacher provides topic, structure, and focus for the room.
The following are words that can frame a Flex-Time session:
- Review
- Refine
- Re-explore
- Reteach
- Reconnect
- Rehearse
- Research
Student-driven, independent work:
- Research
- Computer work
- Writing help
Location to work on college applications, scholarship applications, and financial aid forms. Additional workshops will be available to discuss how to get prepared for college.
A quiet location for a student to take a test or quiz. This must be pre-arranged with the teacher.
Enrichment opportunities for students involving presentations, assemblies, town hall meetings, and workshops focused on current events, hot topics, and other areas of interest.
Students sign up and/or teacher can request based on grade.
Students sign up
Students sign up (priority given to Seniors during certain times)
Teacher assigns. Pre-arranged between student and teacher
Students sign up

If a student is struggling in a class and earning a C or below, a teacher can request the student to attend their Flex-Time.

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