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The Samohi, Santa Monica High School's newspaperThe Samohi is a bimonthly newspaper published by Santa Monica High School. The award-winning paper is produced almost entirely by Samohi students under the daily supervision of their advisor, English teacher Kathleen Faas, and before publication, House Principal Eva Mayoral.

The staff is made up of journalism students from grades 10 through 12, all of whom have been recommended by teachers.

By being part of The Samohi team, students develop many of the skills necessary to succeed in the field of journalism, including news writing, interviewing, editing, photojournalism, layout, and design.

The Samohi 2009-2010 staff:

Editors-in-Chief: Salonee Bhaman and Jane Kivnick
News Editors: Jessie Geoffray and Max Tamahori
Opinion Editors: Carlee Jensen
Campus Life Editor: Pepito Escarce
Feature Editor: Lindsay Reno
Special Report Editor: Lulu Mickelson
Sports Editors: Sam Bleiberg and Zane Four
Photo Editor: Kira Yoshimura
Art Editor: Clare Sim
Arts & Entertainment
Editor: Kourosh Shaffy
Copy Editor: Catherine Cain
Business Manager: Matt Rich

Advisor: Kathleen Faas

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09/10 Editions
-October 2, 2009
-October 22, 2009
-November 13, 2009
-December 10, 2009
-February 19, 2010
-March 11, 2010
-April 1, 2010
-April 29, 2010
-May 20, 2010
-June 11, 2010

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