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Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)

Dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts convey knowledge and meaning not learned through the study of other subjects. Study through the arts employs a form of thinking and a way of knowing based on human judgment, invention, and imagination.

Arts education offers students the opportunity to envision, set goals, determine a method to reach a goal and try it out, identify alternatives, evaluate, revise, solve problems, imagine, work collaboratively, and apply self-discipline. As they study and create in the arts, students use the potential of the human mind to its full and unique capacity. The visual and performing arts are a vital part of a well-rounded educational program for all students.

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VAPA Faculty

Jason Aiello, Performing Arts
Department Co-Chair
Kate Barraza
Amy Bouse
Alan Ceccarelli
Tania Fischer
Nicole Green
Laurie Ann Gutierrez
Jeffe Huls
Martin Ledford, Visual Arts Department Chair
Kevin McKeown
Terry Sakow
Joni Swenson, Performing Arts
Department Co-Chair
Amanda Urquhart
Tom Whaley
William Wishart

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